Guests at Minnesota Resorts vary greatly, as do our Minnesota Resorts. And because the guests vary, so does how they enjoy their vacations.

Owning our resort for 17 years, I have seen it all. A couple weeks ago we posted a blog about how vacationers look forward to their Minnesota vacations (Check out that blog too) Now, below, you will see some of the observations that I have seen about how our guests enjoy their vacation. The list was actually quite lengthy. It was difficult to trim it down to just a couple, so, I didn’t (I will post another list soon). How do YOU enjoy your vacation?

Take Day Trips If this is for you, then great. Check out your resort’s website to see if they have suggestions. Otherwise Explore Minnesota should have plenty of suggestions. Perhaps the National Forest Service has a program or the local town/city/county has a festival. Check out fishing contests, county fairs, hiking trips, State Parks. How do YOU enjoy your Minnesota vacation?

Never Leave the Place So many times we see people enjoy the area while staying at their Minnesota Resort. But then there are those that are the opposite. Once their car is in park, it doesn’t move until it is time to pack up and leave. I guess they have had enough excitement that when they are on vacation, they just want to relax at the resort. For some that means enjoying all the activities at a Minnesota Resort. For others it means that they find their comfortable chair (inside or outside!) and that is their favorite place. How do YOU enjoy your Minnesota vacation?

Different Resort Every Year Like many resorts, we had so many people that made our resort their “go to” vacation destination year after year. They were at home, comfortable, content…. There are many words that could describe their feelings. One saying could certainly be “their happy place!” But that isn’t for everyone either. Some of our very happy resort guests we saw just once. They made the decision to try a different resort every year. Resort owners really appreciate those guests too. Perhaps you want to experience a different part of the state every year. Super. Remember though, if you like the resort, tell your friends about it. How do YOU enjoy your Minnesota vacation?

Take Overnight Trips Just because you are staying at the resort doesn’t mean that you can’t take an overnight trip. We have had guests take day trips that turn into overnighters. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in Minnesota. Maybe northern Minnesota was on their to-do list. While here, they can take a day trip to another part of the state. That certainly happens. It is easy to leave your stuff at the resort and take off for a day or two. You may want to let your resort owners know so they don’t worry about you! How do YOU enjoy your Minnesota vacation?

Fish Different Lakes Every Day Where our resort was there were 100 lakes within 10 miles. That is true for many Minnesota Resorts. Some guests choose to fish the area lakes. They enjoyed the challenge of trying out other lakes. But for other vacationers once their boat was in the water at our lake, it didn’t go back on the trailer until it was time to leave. They knew our lake and were very content to hone their skills. You will also find some resorts on a chain of lakes. You can then check out other lakes without even taking your boat out of the water. There are many Minnesota Lakes to discover. How do YOU enjoy your Minnesota vacation

As I stated above, there are many different people out there and how they enjoy their vacation varies so greatly. What is consistent is that they enjoy one of our owner-operated Minnesota resorts. Make your reservation now and then decide what works for you.


Something For Everyone.

We offer many owner-operated resorts for you to visit and enjoy your vacation however you choose!


Submitted by: Karen Senger
Retired Resorter but Still Loves Resorts and Resorting

Photo Credit: Crow Wing Crest Lodge

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