People get ready and enjoy their vacations very differently. Through the years of owning and operating a resort, I heard it all and it was fun to hear it.

I made a list of some of what I have heard of how people prepare for their Resort Vacation. Some of them made me feel pretty special as the owner of the resort that made my guests so happy.

Do you do some of them? All of them? None of them? What do you do before your vacation?


The Resort is the Screen Saver- For their phone or computer screen saver guests use a photo of the resort. They would be reminded of their vacation every time they used it. Some guests said that their vacation was the one thing they looked forward to all year. Wow. Nice!

Make lists- Many people start making lists. For those that have gone to the same Minnesota Resort over and over again, perhaps they don’t need a list. Or, maybe, they use the same list over and over. But, if you are new to resort vacations or new to a particular resort, then think about making a list. One list could be titled “What to bring and pack” another could be titled “Things to do (or NOT do) while on vacation.”

Research what there is to do in the area. This could be part of what goes on the list I mentioned above. Through the years that we owned our resort we saw the whole gambit of vacation types. There were some people that once they arrived at the resort their car never started again until it was time to leave. Others it seemed like they had something planned for every day. It could have been day trips to area attractions, activities available at the resort or maybe fishing different lakes every day.

Pick bedrooms. Sometimes we had new guests that came to the resort and the kids already had all their bedrooms picked out and knew where they were going to put what. They looked at photos of the cabins and knew what bedrooms everyone got.

Plan different meals: Depending on where your resort is located, there may be a grocery store close by or it may be a bit of a drive. That may impact if you need to do meal planning. Some people plan on doing a lot of cooking because they have time and enjoyed it. Others thought the opposite. They absolutely didn’t want to do much cooking at all. Whether you cook, go out to eat, bring prepared meals or a combination, everyone has to eat.

Pick out reading material: Bring the book you want to read or start of list of the books you want to read while on vacation. Bring those magazines that you have and never had a chance to page through.



Learn the lake and fishing tactics: Many people come in knowing all about the lake, even if they have never been on the lake before. They have their list of lures and notes about the lake. They have read up on fishing techniques they want to try. As they are preparing many times they go to the MN DNR website for information, the call the resort owner for tips or check out the local bait shop when they are in the area.

Bring crafts or art projects: Vacationers may not have time (or make time) to do the arts or make some crafts during the normal calendar year. But, if they enjoy it, they may have time on vacation. I have seen many guests bring cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting, quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, photography, writing…. What do you want to bring on vacation?

Plan on taking photos. If you into photography, vacations are a great time to practice that art. Make a list of the types of photos that you want to get while on vacation. How many times has it happened that we are to the end of vacation and we say “Darn, I wish I would have….” If that includes photography, then make a plan to do some while on vacation. A Minnesota Resort is perfect for that because most likely you will be seeing water more there than anywhere else. Plan on taking photos of the sunrise, sunset, people fishing, people swimming, trees, birds, flowers or mosquitos (OK maybe not mosquitos).

Worth The Wait

It is your vacation. As I asked above. What do you do before vacation? Click here to find one of our Owner-Operated Minnesota resorts.


Submitted by: Karen Senger, Retired Resorter but still  loves resorts and resorting

Photo Credit: Cedar Point Resort, Hiawatha Beach Resort

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