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What is the Community of Minnesota Resorts All About?

Our Mission:
The Community of Minnesota Resorts (CMR) exists to help family-owned and operated resorts in Minnesota to continue as a viable segment of the Minnesota tourism industry.

Our Motto:
The Community of Minnesota Resorts’ motto is “Resorters Helping Resorters.”  We believe that none of us alone is as smart as all of us together.

We assist members in marketing and education and assure a voice at the MN state capitol. Every year we offer scholarships to member’s children or grandchildren, give an annual “Resorter of the Year Award,” and offer vendors an opportunity to connect with resorts through our Associate Member Program.

Our Structure:
Our board of directors consists of 12 – 20 volunteer resort members on three-year terms, who work on one of four committees:  education, marketing, legislative and membership. 
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balsam beach resort patty and clint mueller 2019 CMR resorters of the yearCMR Resorters of the Year


2019 — Clint and Patty Mueller, Balsam Beach Resort, Bemidji, MN

This year’s Resorters of the Year, interestingly enough, had never stayed at a resort prior to owning one.  Before life in resorting, she ran a daycare and he was Mr. Fixit at a creamery, eventually becoming manager.  When the dynamics of management became dicey, they started looking for a new career.  

Upon their 2nd site visit to their current resort, HE was strongly encouraged by the owner to take a boat out fishing for a bit.  SHE saw his gleeful face when her husband returned with a bursting stringer of 3 walleyes, several jumbo perch, northern pike, and a couple of muskies.   She then nudged her sister who’d come along to look, shook her head and said, “I think we just bought a resort.”

Fast forward 24 years. 
They still enjoy resorting and have no regrets.  Maybe they only go fishing twice a year now, but they make those times COUNT.    They were able to raise their two sons (aged 6 and 11 at the beginning) in a meaningful lifestyle and now have started discussions with one of the sons about his interest in taking over someday.

A true Mom & Pop establishment, (with the exception of two cleaning helpers) they run everything themselves.  The resort now has 8 cabins, 4 overnight full hook-up RV campsites, and 26 seasonal sites.  Over the years they’ve rebuilt several cabins from the ground up.  They’ve continually upgraded the rest and all cabins now have dishwashers, air conditioning, fireplaces, TV’s, gas grills and soft water.   Along with these more modern cabin amenities in which to appeal to more of a family clientele (rather than strictly fishermen as had previously been the case), they’ve also added an outdoor heated swimming pool, a fitness room and all kinds of unique hand-made kids playground equipment.  They are currently in the process of developing 10 – 12 additional seasonal sites.

This couple says some of their keys to their longevity and success are truth in advertising, immediate guest service (taking care of maintenance issues promptly), and dividing confrontations with guests between both spouses.  They say it’s also helped that they’ve been self-motivated, creative, and ambitious while continually setting new goals.   

If they had to give advice to potential resorters: they would say “do your research!”  Investigate the locale, the lake, and crunch the numbers.

They are active with their community church.  They’ve been involved on a local chamber board of directors, a Cenex Co-op board and have served 24 years with their Lake Association in various officer positions, hand-making wooden chairs for their silent auctions, and testifying at the state legislature for specific local issues. 

Over their many years of membership in the Community of Minnesota Resorts,  they have served more than 3 terms on the board.  Between the two of them, they’ve worked on all committees:  Legislative, Marketing, Education and Membership.  They regularly go to Day on the Hill, attend most Workshops, Conferences, Resort Tours and School of Resorting classes.  They have been rather visible and approachable at these events and via the group chatline.   Apparently, it’s a frequent occurrence to have other resorts call them up to ask for advice or to share ideas.  He’s been known to plan trips to collect big equipment items, like RAVE water toys, as example, and invited other resorts in their area if they’d like him to pick up their items in same trip for a nominal fee to save everyone hundreds of dollars in shipping fees.   He even delivered the items right to their doors. 

Another resorter recounted them driving 100 miles out of their way to personally drop off a hand-made anchor specially made to secure a Bongo.

Resorters helping resorters is a motto this couple has taken to heart.  They believe that if we want the resort industry to stay viable, we all have to be involved and put a little time in.

We’ve certainly appreciated the time and energy they’ve spent with this group, and look forward to more creative gimmicks for Day on the Hill, bidding on their handcrafted silent auction items, continuing to ask them to share their resort wisdom and watching their adorable bickering during board meetings and crackerbarrels.

Contact Information:  51155 219th Avenue, Bemidji, MN 56601,

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