There are endless reasons why you should take a vacation.  First off, you deserve it!, Ssecond, even your doctor might tell you, “you NEED a vacation.”  Nope that’s not just a desire or want, you NEED it.  Webmd.com states that by depriving yourself of a vacation you could experience burnout, reduced productivity, diminished creativity, failed relationships, stress, or stress-related ailments such as depression, heart disease, or stomach ulcers.  Ouch!  So, stop procrastinating and book that vacation!

How about a Minnesota Vacation?  Here are your top 8 reasons (because 5 wasn’t enough) you should book your vacation to Minnesota, NOW.

  1. Water: Known as the “Land of 10,000 lakes”.  We have an abundance of water fun, from fishing to just floating, to being pulled behind a boat.  Our water sports are endless: swimming, boating, sail boating, wake surfing, hydroflying, wind surfing, wake boarding or skating, water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, rafting, tubing and stand up paddle boarding are just a few.
  2. Resorts:  Minnesota offers 700+ mom and pop resorts each with their own personality.  They have an intimacy like a boutique hotel, with hands-on service, and the feeling that they know and care about each and every guest. Ever heard of Minnesota Nice?  Find the resort that suits you at Minnesota-resorts.com.
  3. Affordable:  A family of 6 can rent an entire cabin for around $1800 a week in the best time of year in Minnesota, yep a week, 7 nights.  Most are equipped with everything you need for your cooking needs.  And with the 700+ resorts to choose from, along with hotels or bed and breakfasts, you can go rustic or modern. There’s a resort out there for every budget and taste.
  4. Festivals & Events: You can find some sort of festival or event to partake in during your stay.  We even party on frozen lakes.  Check out Explore Minnesota for a listing of festivals and events.  2,467 are listed for 2019!
  5. Parks:  Minnesota has 52 State Parks, 10 State Forests, 9 State Wildlife Management Areas
    1 National Park, 2 National Forests, and 6 National Wildlife Refuges.  Find a list at stateparks.com.   Hike, bike, swim, or fish at these beautiful destinations.
  6. Art & Culture: Minneapolis is known for its art and theatre scene.  They rank second in the country for the highest number of theatre seats but the art scene doesn’t stop in Minneapolis,SP it reaches all corners of the state.  Here is a list of nearly 150 art museums and galleries in Minnesota.
  7. Nature:  From a walk in the woods to a paddle on the lake.  Guess what, there are health benefits, so get out there and get healthy.
  8. Wildlife: It’s not just us Minnesotans that are wild.  We have wildlife and birding galore.  You might not even have to get out of the car to spy some  wildlife, get that phone ready.  Check out minnesota-visitor.com for more information on our wild side.


We hope to see you in Minnesota soon!

Submitted by Karen Senger
Photo Credit: Joe’s Lodge,
Cedar Point Resort

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