We know your job is important. It is a large part of our identities and without it you wouldn’t be able to take a Minnesota vacation. If you work for a large corporation, a startup or are self-employed (that’s including you stay-at-home parents) you know how important it is to take a vacation and un-plug from work and everyday life. Check out this article by Allina Health on the importance of vacation and here are some tips to get the most out of your Minnesota vacation.

Benefits of Unplugged

Research everywhere shows how unplugging from work can improve productivity, creativity and eliminate burnout at work. And there is nothing like living in the now and being present, especially on a Minnesota vacation. Here is an article we like from on benefits of unplugging.

Are you the boss? Lead by example, when you take a vacation, actually take a vacation by unplugging. Don’t check-in on your employees, have them check-in for emergency use only. Besides giving you a break, they more than likely will appreciate the opportunity to prove themselves. And on your return make sure they are taking their well-earned vacation (may we suggest in Minnesota?). They will also come back more productive, creative and engaged employees. We are seeing nothing but a win, win.

Make Memories

A Minnesota vacation is all about memories if it’s a family hike, reeling in that fish, a synchronized jump off the dock or learning to ski. These memories are not easily created if you’ve spent your time checking emails, taking calls and analyzing reports. Being socially connected is a fundamental need that we don’t get unless we are with other humans, physically. Research shows that connecting with others helps relieve stress. Click here to find out more on the importance of human connection. And speaking about social, how about social media, not only is it a good idea NOT to post while on vacation for safety reasons but staying in the present and off the scroll bus will only make your vacation that much better. So put down the device, get off the laptop and connect on your vacation with your travel companions or meet someone new.

Delegate and Plan

Make sure you have a plan in place so you can unplug.  Set up an effective out of office. Here are some great tips from Indeed on writing that memo. Find someone to take your calls if needed and fill your shoes. Most likely this could be someone that is looking to prove themselves. People like to be helpful, not only will the break benefit you but it will in turn make the helper feel needed and respected. Just make sure that person is taking their well needed Minnesota vacation as well. And if you’re the household manager make sure any appointments, registrations, and bills are scheduled beforehand.  Don’t waste that precious vacation time with these daily tasks.

Leave the laptop at home

Save space for your mind and luggage and leave the laptop at home. As tempting as it may be to pack your laptop, leave it.  If work has any emergencies, they are sure to be able to get a hold of you via your mobile. You deserve a Minnesota vacation, find the perfect spot by visiting: Minnesota Resorts . Get all the benefits you can, and we will see you at the lake!

Submitted by Megan Johnson

Photo Credits: Megan Johnson

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