Minnesota lake country is full of owner operated resorts, all providing a family vacation experience like no other vacation does. There seems to be a universal thought that the only time to go to a lake resort is in June, July or August. Well, I’m here to tell you that the month of May is an overlooked gem! If you are a lover of lakes, then May is the month for you. Here’s why:

1) Wildlife watching — May is the month that Minnesota lakes come to life. Spring is actually happening, and in a comfortable cabin by the lake is one of the best places to experience it! The spring bird migration occurs during this month, so it’s a great opportunity to see a wide variety of birds move through the area. The lakes attract groupings of waterfowl such as trumpeter swans, loons and ducks. Wildlife is also on the move, increasing your chances of seeing deer, fox, moose, bear and other furry creatures. The sights and sounds of wildlife, during both the day and night, are unique and more plentiful in May.

2) Value — May is no doubt the least expensive time of year to stay at a Minnesota resort. The reason for this is the demand for cabin rental is lower. Most mid-west schools are in session until early June, which means families with children typically do not vacation in May. Lower demand means lower rental rates, but you still get the same great cabin, the same great lake view and the same great customer service as you would get during peak season.

3) Quiet — Staying at a lakeside resort that isn’t full to capacity and with few to no kids means quieter days and nights. May is a more popular month for couples and empty nesters.

4) Full choice of water activities — Yes, lake water takes time to warm up after ice-out, so swimming is rare in May. But if you’re not one to have to actually get in the water to enjoy the lake, then May is a really good option for you! With the exception of swimming, all lake activities are possible. Just to name a few are fishing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and paddle boating.

5) The Common Loon — Minnesota lakes are the summer home for the Common Loon, which are a beloved bird for their beauty as well as their vocal singing. Loon cries are most prevalent during breeding season as pairs aggressively defend their territories and begin mating and guarding their territory. And as you may have guessed, May is their breeding season. So if you love the call of the loon and want to hear it during the day and night, book your resort vacation in May! Click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hnlze_cIYZs to hear what a loon sounds like.

Do I have you convinced? Click here https://minnesota-resorts.com/resorts/ to find the Minnesota family resort that fits your budget and your interests, make your reservation, then get ready to have a wonderful spring experience at the lake!

Until next time ~~ Jennifer Bateman

Submitted by:
Karen Senger
Resorter for 17 years, now retired

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