Relax, Enjoy, Regroup, Have Fun

Since you are already going to the lake, take the time to really appreciate this opportunity. It is pretty easy to speed through a vacation. But maybe after all the stresses of this spring, it is time to really appreciate the lake and nature. Think about slowing down. Think about what you can do to appreciate the water. TAKE THE TIME to think about what is important.

We owned a resort for 17 years, I have seen people enjoy the lake. Some did look like they were relaxed and some seems to always be busy. It is your time, so do what makes you happy. But, I suggest that you think about slowing down and really TAKE YOUR TIME while enjoying the lake. Now that I am a retired resorter,  I am personally TAKING MY TIME to enjoy the lake.

Think about how you can appreciate the lake

Canoeing, Kayaking, StandUp Paddleboard (SUP): With a little energy, you can enjoy the water without any motor noise. You may feel like one with nature. TAKE YOUR TIME. Many times you are able to get closer to shore than with a motorized boat option. So, check out the shoreline. If you have access to a StandUp Paddleboard, try it out. If while you are at it, feel free to pick up any trash you see. My daughters and I went took our kayaks out this spring right after the ice went out. We picked up trash (we even found recovered a  bucket to put garbage in). Don’t forget your life jacket and sunscreen!

Boating: Rent a boat or bring your own. Getting out on the lake is the answer to many people’s stress. While you are out there, feel free to TAKE YOUR TIME. Yes, it is nice to “get there quick.” But, think about not boating at  warp speed. Go slow, watch the shoreline as you boat. Yes, I like going fast on the boat. But, my best boating memories are actually when we take our time and tool along the shoreline. Pay attention to turtles sunning themselves on the fallen trees, see if you can see fish in the shallows, try to spot bird nests.

Swimming: Grab an air mattress, life jacket, noodle, float, splash pad/mat… Get in (or on!) the lake. Yes, it is nice to splash around. But think about taking your time. Don’t be in a hurry to get in and then get out. TAKE YOUR TIME. Bring your sun glasses and plan on sitting on that air mattress for a while. Use that noodle and float for a while. The view is much different being lake level. Pay attention to what you see. Do you see other people rushing around, boats speeding by on the other side of the lake or people tubing behind a boat? That is great, but, again, you can TAKE YOUR TIME.

Sitting: Yes, sitting. It is such an easy thing. But many of us don’t take advantage of sitting by the water. Being on vacation is the best time to do it. Other than whatever activities you have planned, you really don’t have anything else to do. When we ran our resort one of my favorite things to do was to see our guests relaxing. This included having them sit by the water and watch the activity or inactivity! Once you allow yourself to “do nothing,” I think you will be amazed how enjoyable it is to TAKE YOUR TIME to watch the water.

Fishing: For many there really isn’t anything more relaxing then fishing. It is a perfect way to TAKE YOUR TIME and enjoy Minnesota lakes and rivers. Whether you bring your own boat or rent one from the resort, take some time to get out on the water. It doesn’t have to be about the “catching,” it can be about the time spent in the boat. TAKE YOUR TIME to chat with the kids, share stories, look for wildlife, see if you can see fish in the shallows, look at the lake plants….. It really can be a relaxing time.

There really is time You just have to take it.

Relax: TAKE YOUR TIME to sit back and relax in, on or by the water!


Enjoy: TAKE YOUR TIME to enjoy the time you have in, on or by the water!

Regroup: TAKE YOU TIME as you regroup and think about what is really important!

Have Fun: TAKE YOUR TIME as you actually have fun relaxing and enjoying your time on, in or by the lake!

2019 Summer 1

Submitted by Karen Senger
Photo Credit: Joe’s Lodge,
Cedar Point Resort

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