Fall is an awesome time to get outside. Come to think of it, it is great to get outside anytime of year. But, there is something about the fall season that is so appealing to many people. It could be the colors or maybe the cool evenings and bright sunny days. Maybe it is the quiet after a busy summer. Whatever your reason, TAKE YOUR TIME to really enjoy being outside.

You have many options. Below are just some to consider.

Sit on a chair: Yes, just sit. Whether you are by water or in the middle of the forest, grab a chair and plan on just sitting and relaxing. Perhaps your rental cabin has a screen porch. TAKE YOUR TIME to just sit. If you are lucky enough to be by the water, grab a chair and just sit. Don’t bring your phone, i-pad or music. Plan on just listening. It does take a little practice. You can sit by yourself or sit with others. No matter where you are, you can TAKE THE TIME to just sit.

Sitting by a lake or river: This is one of my favorites. There is something soothing about watching water. I am fortunate to live by a lake. I am looking at it right now. I have lived by North Star Lake for 20 years now and I can honestly say that I NEVER get sick of it. I do not take it for granted. It may be the same lake, but it is always interesting and different. The clouds are different, different boats go by, the waves are different, sometimes I see otters swimming and fish jumping, actually one time I saw an eagle swoop down and snag a fish. If you don’t TAKE THE TIME to watch, you are really missing something. I have had the opportunity to sit by a river as well. That has some nuances that are different then a lake. The water is moving. You may see the same things as you see on a lake. But, you might also see river barges! With rivers you see the water moving. Sometimes swiftly and sometimes quite slowly. Watching river rapids is a unique experience all on its own. Think about TAKING THE TIME to sit by rapids. Awesome.


Hike: You can appreciate nature by just walking in it. Chances are that if you are at a resort, there are some hiking trails near-by. Ask your resort owner for details. Or, click here to check out the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for MN State Trails. If there aren’t trails, then just take a walk on a quiet road. When you are out there TAKE YOUR TIME and pay attention to the noises. If you are quiet you will most likely hear the squirrels, chipmunks and birds. These noises are always there, we just usually don’t take the time to listen. If you plan ahead think about taking a small chair or perhaps a bag lunch to take a break on the trail. Whatever you do, TAKE THE TIME.

Cabin: When you are lucky enough to rent a cabin, think about spending some time enjoying it. We owned our resort for 17 years and during that time we saw many different types of people. Some enjoy getting out and spending very little time in their cabin and enjoy a very active vacation. This is great (and many times this is the type of vacation I take). But, sometime during your trip, TAKE YOUR TIME to sit and relax. If you are at a busy resort, it is fun to hear others hustle and bustle. If it is more quiet or secluded, you will hear nature all around you. Just last night when I let our dog outside, I noticed how loud the loons were. They will be going south soon!. It was dark outside, but it just stood there and listened for a little while. It reminded me to open my windows. Fall is in the air, the time to keep windows open may be coming to an end.

All this talk about TAKING TIME made me realize that I had to TAKE THE TIME to do a little fall fishing. My husband and I went out. I did catch something. You can see it was VERY SMALL. I guess we won’t be having fish for dinner. But, I appreciate that I TOOK THE TIME to get out on the lake.

If you are thinking of reserving a cabin for this fall, or winter (or even next summer!), click here for one of our member owner-operated resorts.

Enjoy your time. Enjoy your vacations. TAKE YOUR TIME.
Karen Senger

Resort owner for 17 years,
recently retired from Resorting,but still love Resorts.


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