Summer is not over. There is still time to take a quick trip up north. School hasn’t started yet in Minnesota and many schools won’t start until after Labor Day. Some neighboring states’ school year starts mid-August. Even if you are coming from out of state, there still is time to take a quick trip up north.

With the pandemic many resorts are having record years and there are fewer openings in the cabins. But, there is still time to take a quick trip north. Check with one of our member resorts to see what they still have available for you to take your quick trip up-north.

Minnesota resorts are typically very busy during the prime summer season. This usually includes the last couple weeks in June, all of July and the first couple weeks in August. What about the “shoulder seasons?” Shoulder season is what many resorts call the less busy time of the year. And those times will vary by resort. What do you call it? Well you can call it “A perfect time to take a quick trip north!” Think about an end-of-August (or even September). Check with your favorite resort or check with a new one that want to visit. They will be more likely to be able to take a short stay (less than a week) towards the end of August. There is still time to take a quick trip north.


The weather in August is still awesome. Minnesota resorts is a great place to vacation. Plan on just stilling around and enjoying the water or take trips to local attractions. The choice is yours and remember, there is still time to take a quick trip up-north. Resorts are ready to welcome you. All you have to do is check a website or make a call. Click here for a list of 16 great places to vacation in Minnesota. Remember though, there are PLENTY more places to visit than just these.

There is still time, take a quick trip up-north!

Summer goes fast. Labor Day is just around the corner. Take a quick trip up-north, there is still time! Click to view our member owner-operated resorts. We also have a list of last-minute-openings.

Hey, those that like fishing…… there is still time to do that!

Submitted by Karen Senger
Retired Resorter of 17 years, but still loves Resorts

Photo credits: Jessie View Resort, Geneva Beach Resort Finn N’ Feather Resort, Hidden Haven Resort

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