With all that is going on, we often look for something that gives us some relief.

What can we do with our family to make memories that doesn’t include COVID 19? COVID-19 has certainly been the center of news, school, work, society….. everything. I certainly wouldn’t be the one to say that it shouldn’t be front and center. But, I would also say that there is more to life than COVID, Zoom calls and social distancing.

Vacation planning is one of them. I would recommend you spend a little of your thinking time on something fun. Like a future vacation. Think about going to a Minnesota Resort. It can be up north or closer to the cities. It can be a lake-front Minnesota Resort or a river-front Minnesota Resort. Do what is best for you. But, know that once you start thinking about it and making plans, your mood and attitude will improve.

For some vacation planning is stressful. For some, it is fun. We can make it easier for you. Come to one of our member owner-operated resorts. Once your plans are made all you have to do is simply “look forward to it.”

I don’t think that anyone should feel pressure to make vacation plans. But, what I am hearing from resort owners is that their phones are ringing already for summer 2021. Does that mean that if you wait you won’t be able to go on vacation? No. But, it might mean that your desired week, cabin or resort might not be available. So, if you can make plans now, I would recommend starting the process of narrowing down the “whats” and “wheres” for your vacation.

When you have your well-deserved vacation planned, then when your mind is wandering, it can wander to vacation time instead of Covid and all the negativity that does along with Covid. When you are thinking about vacation, then your mind can wander around the idea of what you want to do. Or, sometimes more importantly, what you DON’T want to do. Isn’t that relaxing?

You can think about sitting in front of the calming water and take a break. Maybe take a screenshot of your resort, resort cabin by the water or lake. Then when you are sitting in front of the computer, you will be reminded of your upcoming vacation daily!

Vacations are a must:

I owned and operated a resort for 17 years. I have heard all the stories about how my guests looked forward to their vacation all year! That could be YOU!!

Retired from Resorting, But still love Resorts
Karen Senger

Photo Credit: Two Inlets Resort

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