So you’ve decided to take your family vacation at a Minnesota resort. Congratulations! And it could be that you’ve already decided what amenities your family would probably enjoy at a resort. Which means you are probably doing a thorough Google search using terms like “Minnesota resorts with water trampoline” or “resorts with screen porches”.

Some popular amenities at Minnesota resorts are fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, sailboats, paddle boards, water skiing and other ways to get you out on the water. But one amenity that many resorts have that you might not think about is sunsets. Everybody loves a good sunset. I doubt you’ve ever met anyone who said, “No. Not me. I don’t like sunsets at all.”

It could be that you live in an area where you can’t get a good view of the sunset. Maybe buildings or trees are in the way, or you’re at work so not free to watch the sky, or your house windows just face the wrong direction. So why not ensure that you’ll get to see sunsets while you’re on vacation by selecting a resort that faces west?

An easy way to find out what direction a resort faces is by going to  This is a comprehensive resort directory of many owner operated resorts in Minnesota. Each resort listing has a hot link titled “Get Directions.” This quick link takes you directly to Google Maps and shows where the resort is situated on the lake.

What are the benefits of watching the sun set over a lake?

► Several places to view it — Choices include the picture window from the cabin, on a screen porch or deck, in a chair on the lake shore, on the end of the dock or out in a boat. Most should offer a nice, wide open view with no visual obstructions.

► Reflection — This benefit is often overlooked! Whether the lake you are on has a big expanse of water or small, you will get reflection off the water, and a mirror image if it’s a calm night. That’s two sunsets in one! Depending upon the colors in the sunset, it can make you feel like you’re in another world!

► Lake sounds — Along with the sunset you will get “lake sounds” which is part of the experience. You’ll likely hear the sounds of water birds such as loons, ducks, geese and herons.

If you’d like to try your hand at photographing lake sunsets, visit this link for tips on the best way to photograph sunsets.

Enjoy a sunset at a Minnesota Resort
Sunset photo 3
Natural beauty

Until next time ~~ Jennifer Bateman

Jennifer owned and operated a west facing resort for over 20 years.
She saw first hand how resort guests enjoyed a
beautiful sunset at the end of each day.
Photo Credit: Jennifer Bateman

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