CMR 2024 Spring Workshop

Was held on April 5 & 6
at Horseshoe Bay Lodge, Walker

2021 Spring Workshop Clips

Past Spring Workshops

Our first Zoom event was 2020 Spring Workshop.

It was free to all resorts in the state of MN.

We wanted to reach out in order to help us all navigate new cabin cleaning and check-in protocols for Covid-19.  We needed to talk through and break down what the latest MN statute meant for us in the hospitality industry.  At the time of this Workshop, it was unclear whether we'd be allowed to open at all that season.  State-wide lock-down was scary. Would guests be coming at all?  What new regulations should we follow if they did?

We asked an investor expert, bank president, and corporate attorney to help us walk through DEED and other Economic Recovery loans and grants which were available.  We chatted with each other through various scenarios of new disinfection techniques.  We shared information amongst ourselves and it felt wonderful to not feel like we were in this alone.

Watch 2020 CMR Spring Workshop here