Hear the word, ‘spring.’ A mental collage fills your head; tinkling sounds of ice-out, bird songs so familiar, quiet hum of awakening earth, easy drift of neighboring voices, glimpse of a robin, morel hunting, still long evenings, perennials poking through.

Others have a different reel running in their memories. But spring is undeniably an evocative season. It calls us all, including you, to slide into its welcome. It has the lasting allure to hold safely our yearly hope of embracing all that’s new again. With this kind of gentle power, of course spring will get into our souls and softly lure us back year after year. Spring vacationing easily becomes an unshakable tradition.

As you plan for your unshakable spring vacation tradition, do all the things you love and maybe add a new something to the plan this year. Here’s a list to think about.

→  Fungi hunting. Learn more at the University of Minnesota’s website about morel mushroom harvesting.

→  Listen for bird songs. Click here for a great site to help you identify bird calls and songs. https://www.audubon.org/news/how-start-identifying-birds-their-songs-and-calls

→  Notice if old wives’ tales match what happens in spring. ‘When oak leaves are the size of a squirrel’s ear, it’s time to plant corn and hunt morels’; ‘Oak before ash, in for a splash; ash before oak, in for a soak’. Google for more.

Put the things you love front and center; spring fishing, early season golf, photo-hunting for fawns, biking the trails, having your first s’more of the season. Let your spring vacation seep into your soul, hold your heart, and keep you looking forward to that early getaway year after year.


Submitted by: Lynn Sharenbroich, Black Pine Beach Resort

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