2021 CMR Resorters of the Year - Mike & Ruth Schweiters, Boyd Lodge

Mike has been involved in resorting for many years. His grandparents (his mother’s parents and she was an only child) started the resort. In 1966 his grandparents tragically passed away in a car accident. So, Mike’s parents moved to the resort to run it when he was only 3 years old. His parents were always planning to take over the resort, but it was just a little sooner than expected.

As he grew up his dad told him to go out and explore the world to see if resorting is what he really wants to do. So, he did. During that time the resort was sold. The new owners made some major changes. The original cabins were taken off and 17 townhomes were built, some of which had fractional ownership. These owners lost the resort.

In 2010, life for Mike and Ruth Schweiters, our Resorters of the Year, was very different. They moved to the resort, and they started reorganizing the resort. They have been buying back as many of the townhomes as possible and have added additional units. As of now there are 24 cabins. They are also looking into adding 8 more units across the road.

→ They like many aspects of resorting. Ruth really loves when the guests keep coming back year after year and they become like family. They love getting kids outside. It is great when they see kids fishing with their parents, etc. and they love being part of that.
→ They both enjoy the interaction with the guests. They are active in their lodge and activities. Mike and Ruth are always keeping an eye out for ways to improve their resort.
→ They know their guests appreciate their resort as well. For example, when a long-time guest passes away, they are not surprised at the number of photos on display are taken at their resort. It warms their hearts.

Area/local involvement
→Mike is involved in the Greater Lake Chamber Board,
→He sits on the board of the Crosslake Chamber Board,
→He is vice-president of the White Fish Area Lodging Association (and will most likely be president in November)
→Mike is on the board of 2 scholarship boards. One of the boards he was the first recipient oh so many years ago.
They are both very involved. They work very well as a team. Mike has admitted that without Ruth’s full support he wouldn’t have been able to be involved with so many great organizations and efforts.

→If there is a local event, they and their resort are a sponsor of the event.
→The group, Cross Lakers, hired an outside firm to build a picture of the community and make suggestions for improvement. The idea of the new Loon Center came out of that. Our Resorts of the Year were very involved with the Loon Center being created and built.
→They often offer their resort for causes. For example, they donated rooms and a boat when researchers were on the chain of lakes banding loons. They were involved in a project to put in a swim and boat dock and it is scheduled to be competed in 2023-2024.

CMR Involvement
→They are also there for other resort owners. They talk to other resorters all the time. They especially get a lot of questions about fractional ownership and financing. If any resorter has questions, they are always open to help.
→They volunteered their facility one year for the CMR Spring Workshop.
→He is on the CMR board and is serving was Vice President and just became President in November 2021.
→When Mike started on the board his interests did not include legislative issues. That was the last thing that he thought he wanted to be involved with. Well, he then became the Legislative Committee Chairperson and loved it. He attends the CMR Day on the Hill and has even gone to the capital to testify on issues relating to tourism.

Value of the CMR
Both agreed that relationships with other resorters is key. Being on the board is rewarding and they really like working with other resorters. They are super excited about seeing other resorters at the conferences.

When asked about challenges that they see in the years to come, they thought that COVID is front and center. There are still unknowns. They trust that the industry will be in good shape. But you never know what else will come up. As of now, it has been a financially stimulating for many resorts.

Regulations are always changing and resorters have to keep up on it and pay attention. That is why he is involved in the CMR Legislative Committee. Legislation and taxes are always constant battles.

They feel we have to be aware of Vacation Home Rentals and other rental and vacation options. Our industry needs to adapt and change to meet the changing demands of our customer.

They are ready to be there and help lead in this process.

Let’s congratulate our 2021 Resorters of the Year,
Mike and Ruth Schwieters from Boyd Lodge!

Awarding the Resorter of the Year 2020/2021 via Zoom - Congratulations Jim & Kristin Wherley of Sunset Bay Resort!