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Since the beginning of Covid people are looking for ways to pass the time while we are all closed inside. I, like many others, picked up reading again. Most believe that reading is a solitary activity but now-a-days it can be a group adventure. Reading Retreats are the way of the future!

For my book club I am planning a relaxing Reading Retreat in Minnesota at a resort! We are able to book a large cabin so that we can all be together. You can also book multiple cabins so everyone has their own space, Click to find a Minnesota Resort for your retreat.  There is so much that can go into a Reading Retreat other than just reading. Everyone was able to create an activity based on the books we had read that year.

Book Themed Food  Based on the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen we were able to find a website ( that had recipes on food that was mentioned in the book and many others. We will be coming together in the big kitchen of our cabin and cooking recipes of the delicacies we have only read about.

Nature Journals  Another one of our reads over the year was Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Like Kya we are going to go out on one of Minnesota’s trails on a hike ( Along the way we are going to take pictures and draw and write about what we see. When we get back we will also do some watercolor painting of what we saw. None of us are artists but we just want to have fun.

Board Games I was able to find a variety of different book themed board games. One of our members is a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes so an easy decision for us is to get a Sherlock Holmes one! Each case can only be played once so once our weekend is over we can pass the game along to a different book club.

Poems in the Park Now none of us are authors but we all like to fully jump into any activity that is put before us. Minnesota has many parks or nature preserves where we can go and sit in the silence and write fun poems about what is around us or what is happening in our lives or about a funny interaction we had with the barista. After a bit we will circle our chairs and read them out to each other.

Retreats can be for Book Clubs too!

Reading Retreats are a great way to join together after the chaos of Covid and get back into Minnesota’s nature.

Submitted by Holly Senger

Photo Credits: Holly Senger

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