Winter. Yes, it is here. For me, it is easier to “find things to do” in the summer than it is in the winter. But, if you have some 4 wheelers or side-by-sides, you can use the on some trails in the winter as well as the summer. Snowmobiles are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors in the winter. But, don’t rule out the 4 wheelers and side-by-sides.

I was part of a group that took a day trip in the winter on the Spider Lake Trails in Cass County.  It was an awesome experience. Some in our party were on 4-wheelers others were in side-by-sides (some heated, some not). Everyone enjoyed the experience. There are a number of OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) trails open in the winter for side-by-sides and 4-wheelers. It is important to ake sure to follow the rules and guidelines designated by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  Click here for a list of trail closures. 

Winter OHV Trails

Stay Warm: Like when you are snowmobiling, or really anything outdoors, you need to dress for the weather. So, if you are dressed for the weather, you very well may not get cold in the winter. Depending on what you are riding you may not really have to worry too much. Some side-by-sides are fully heated. When we go out in a group those of us with heaters seem to take their coats off while inside and those of us without heaters definitely keep them on! It is fun either way.

Own or rent: If you don’t own a side-by-side, you can always rent them or borrow them from a friend. Maybe check to see if you like it before you invest in purchasing one. Also, if you don’t think you will be able to get out often enough on the trails, then renting them is certainly a better option for you.

OHVs on the winter trails

Be Prepared: Even if your side-by-side has a heater, be prepared for cold weather. I only like going on the trails with others. However, if you do choose to go by yourself, make sure that someone else knows where you are going and when you plan on being back. Some things to bring: Extra warm clothing (boots, socks, mittens, hat, coat), charger for your phone battery, map, water, matches, blanket, hand warmers. Ok, throw a candy bar in your bag too. Even if it isn’t for “survival,” they just taste good!

Take day trips, weekend trips, long weekends or week-long trips. The choice is yours. If you do choose to stay overnight, stay at friends’ houses or at one of our member resorts. There are many that are open in the winter and are close to trail heads. Getting out on the OHV trails is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the winters.

Click here for search for our resorts that are open in the winter.

Winter OHV getting ready

Submitted by: Karen Senger
Retired Resorter and loves the trails

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