It may come as a surprise to many of you, but there are people that have never vacationed at a Minnesota Resort before! Yes, it is true.

With Covid restrictions this year people couldn’t or didn’t take some of the vacations that they had planned. They didn’t go to Mexico or other countries. Groups couldn’t go fishing in Canada. Families didn’t go to theme parks…. There were a lot of DO NOTS and DID NOTS this summer. There must be something that is a DO or DID instead of a DO NOT and DID NOT.

People still had their vacation time and they wanted to do something that was memorable and safe. Safely vacationing at a Minnesota Resort was a DO and DID. We have heard from many of our member resorts that they had record number of visitors this summer. People were getting out of the cities and spent their vacation time at a resort.

We heard from our member resorts that even though in the beginning of the summer there were big fears about what was going to happen, once they were able to open, many Minnesota Resorts were in high demand this summer and fall. People wanted to get out of the cities. They wanted to get away and spend time with their families (other than in their own living rooms!). There were many families that had never ventured out to vacation at a northern Minnesota Resort before.

What did our resort owners hear from these first-time resort vacationers? They heard that their guests had awesome times! They didn’t know what they were missing. They didn’t realize how nice it was to just sit and relax. Although area activities are awesome, it is also awesome to enjoy the resorts and the amenities that the resorts offer. This certainly is no surprise for those of us that have been vacationing at Minnesota Resorts.

We are also hearing that these first timers are rebooking for 2021. They discovered what many of us already knew. Resorts are a great way to vacation with families and friends. Once it is allowed again, it is great to vacation with bigger groups as well.

It isn’t too early to think about next summer. Vacations are too important to put pressure on people. But, with the number of new resort vacationers out there, the resorts are filling up faster. So, if you know when you want to go on vacation, it really isn’t too early to book your resort vacation.

A WCCO article stated that Minnesota Resorts were enjoying extended summer seasons amid the pandemic and that resorts in parts of Minnesota are reporting a record September for visitors. They noted that resorts areas were much busier in September because families didn’t have to stay home, they could go up north. We certainly aren’t surprised. And next summer and fall will most likely be the same.

What are you waiting for?

Vacationing at a Minnesota Resort is safe, enjoyable, memorable, notable, and entertaining!

Submitted by Karen Senger
Retired Resorter of 17 years, but still loves Resorts

Photo Credit: Minni Teepee Resort

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