You’ve maybe heard the term ma and pa resort before and wondered… what?  Ma and Pa?  Sure sounds old-fashioned, maybe a little too rustic?

The term "ma and pa" was historically used to describe local family owned and operated general stores or drugstores. Today, ma-and-pa establishments are synonymous with various different types of businesses, including restaurants, bookstores, automotive repair shops, and insurance agencies.  www.investopedia.com

And that is exactly what ma and pa resorts are, owner operated. At these resorts you will more than likely find two generations, maybe even three working side by side giving each Minnesota Resort its very own personality just like the personalities that own and operate them. In the 1980’s the term boutique hotel was born, these owner operated resorts have the same feel and philosophy.

According to travel.usnews.comla boutique hotel is largely characterized by its smaller size, personalized service and local personality, which can vary dramatically depending on where the property is located. "Boutique hotels always cater to the individual, providing very personalized, intimate service," says Moskal, explaining that these properties are designed to blend into the community and reflect the neighborhoods and cultures around them.

Not only do some of these Minnesota owner operated resorts “blend” but they’ve been there before some of their zip codes dating back to the late 1800’s.

When you visit one of these resorts, you’ll soon realize that the resort owners live right on the resort grounds, raising their families while working. Now that’s multi-tasking. Your kids will play with their kids and many families create lasting relationships. Nothing is better than receiving a guest’s holiday card and to top it off is if that card photo is from, non-other than a Minnesota owner-operated resort. And while your kids might be perfecting their under-water head stand or casting off the dock with the resort children, their siblings, parents or grandparents will be scooping your minnows, helping you fuel up your boat, and making sure you enjoy your Minnesota Vacation.

Sounds fun right? But what about that old-fashioned factor? Maybe you have to work? Maybe you can’t sleep without AC and don’t want to take the time to hand wash dishes. Perhaps you want to check out some of those lake toys (Stand Up Paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, hydrobikes, etc.). Many owner operated Minnesota Resorts have taken the time to update or even rebuild their cabins and have no fear Wi-Fi is probably near, so near you can work on the beach at some of these Minnesota Resorts (or in the AC of your cabin). So don’t worry, you’ll get that work done if needed. Many of the up-north cabins have dish washers and many other conveniences as well. Many owner-operated (Ma and Pa!!) resorts have those lake amenities for you to use.

Now that you get it, book that vacation at a Minnesota owner operated resort.  Find the resort personality that fits yours at https://minnesota-resorts.com/.

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Submitted by Karen Senger
Photo Credit: Joe’s Lodge,
Cedar Point Resort

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