Minnesota Family Friendly Travel Tips: Tips for Making the Most out of your trip

Family Travel Tips boating with your family

Family-friendly vacationing is a combination of so many small details that add up to amazing memories that last a lifetime. The main goals are to enjoy the outdoors, spend time together, and want to do this again next year! Here are the tips from my personal Minnesota Travel Guide to make traveling with family magical.

Tip #1: Know Your Family

When traveling with the whole family the real start of the vacation is choosing where you want to go. Minnesota offers so many diverse options what type of vacation you want to have; so you need to know what your traveling partners want to experience.

Do you have teenagers who want to just sit by the lake all day?
Do you have small kids that you need to keep an eye on all the time?
Does your family want to go fishing and have a fish fry at the end of each day?

Sit down with everyone and decide what “type” of vacation everyone wants. Is the lake the most important? Are the hiking trails? Fishing options? Knowing what your household expects out of your Minnesota family vacation is the first tip on creating the perfect vacation.

Tip #2: Find the Ideal Spot

Family vacation spots in Minnesota range from a tent camping site nestled in the woods where everyone is bumping elbows to the huge house by the water that can fit all of the extended family. The perfect place for your family might not be the right one for every family so make sure that it ticks off all of your family’s boxes.

If your family has decided that fishing is how you want to spend all of your time then it is less about the pool and playground and more about the lake. Or you

 could have decided that sitting by the pool and getting those rays in are how you want to spend your time then the amenities are what you will want to focus on. Choosing an ideal spot sets up your family vacation for a fabulous time. Click here to find Family Friendly Minnesota Resorts.

Tip #3: Bring the Right Stuff Along

Packing; can be the scariest part of a vacation. What do I all need to bring? What do I need to leave at home? What am I forgetting?

There are so many variables of what goes into your packing list for your days of rest and relaxation. So, take a look at what you want to do when you are there; fishing, lake time, reading, hiking, etc? Start your packing list early and do some research on what is recommended.

To get down to it; start with the basics. Click here is a link for tips on packing for your Minnesota Vacation. Once you have the essentials you can add onto your inventory of what works best for your Minnesota vacation.

Tip #4: Spend Some Time Alone on Your Family Vacation

Traveling with family can be a little stressful but a family-friendly Minnesota vacation doesn’t have to be! Just because you are traveling together doesn’t mean that you all have to be “together” all the time. Take time to do the activities that you want to do. Take an hour to read your book by the lake. Click here are a couple recommendations for lake themed books to bring along. Take a nap in the sun; make sure to put on sunscreen before napping. Alone time is not usually what you think about when you go on a family vacation but giving yourself that space to relax is what makes it YOUR vacation as well!

Using these tips may make your Minnesota Family vacation a little easier.

Sometimes the best way to spend time together is to spend some time apart!

I hope that you enjoy your Minnesota family vacation!

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Submitted by Holly Senger

Photo Credit: Holly Senger, Sheldin Johnson

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