My brothers and I were lucky. Our parents loved going to the lake! It was the big trip of the year each summer. We started out at a resort on Cass Lake and moved over to Lake Belle Taine when family friends bought a resort. We made that an annual tradition from the 60’s until 2004.

We learned to fish and ski. We made life-long friends with the other families at the resort.

And it continues today during every season, but more scattered around the state with fishing, skiing and golf trips to different areas for 3 of us. One family member has a cabin and there is one given in that family; 4th of July at the lake. I don’t think his daughters and grandkids have ever missed a 4th of July "Up North.”

When I decided to start promoting Minnesota resorts and golf courses it was a natural fit. Growing up golfing and going to the lake, I saw the work that was put into both businesses.

If we stood around long enough at the golf course or looked like we needed something to do at the lake, we might find ourselves put to work. It even seemed fun! From picking golf balls of the driving range to washing boats, they are memories I will have forever. 

Great Places MNMom loved to fish and that bug bit 2 of my brothers and golf got me. But the memory of a day out fishing on Big Winnie will always be with me. Or, Mom wanting the “ski” boat to go fishing when the lake was perfect ski conditions! Well there was always rock skipping while we wait!

And of course, all the new water toys they had! We had inner tubes to play on, maybe a swim dock!

Over the last 2 years we know many people have taken their first lake vacation or started playing golf or traveling for golf. They send us questions looking for ideas and guidance. I tend to direct them to a few places in the area they want to go and always tell them to relax, slow down and enjoy the trip.

On our social media pages, we do everything we can to pass on the passion of our partners and the experience of their guests. From making memories sitting on a dock at sunset to staring down a daunting tee shot. 

We believe everyone needs time at the lake, no matter what time of year. Of course, peak summer is the most popular and everyone loves the fall colors!

But do not overlook spring. From the raging rivers of the North Shore to just the fresh smell of mother earth waking up after a cold winter. And, of course, the Minnesota Fishing opener. 

And winter Up North is magical. From ice fishing to gliding along the trails on foot, skis or sleds. While you don’t have the calming lap of the waves on the shore line, the sound of the ice, especially a good crack on subzero morning is something everyone should hear.

And there is always something to do or find. As we have traveled around the state to visit many of our resort and golf partners, we have found so many great places.

Checking out the Lost Forest, walking across the Headwaters of the 

Nyberg Park MN vacations

Mississippi, the sculptures in Vining to the ore mines near Grand Rapids.  And great places to eat and shop. And one of our favorites, hiking some rivers on the North Shore. There is just something about having a picnic on the big boulders up river from the Devils Kettle or standing in the middle of Glen Avon Falls on the Beaver River.

One of our greatest memories of any trip is the sounds, or sometime lack of any. The peaceful sunrise over a lake that is broken by the call of a loon, to the thumping of the waves on Superior. The crackle of the fire as you end the day. And if you are lucky, the dancing of the Northern Lights.

And the resorts all have the same message. They want you to have a wonderful experience.

Minnesota resorts are one of the best places for a family vacation

From a full-blown family reunion, girl’s weekend, couples escape, buddies golf trip to even 1 person wanting to unplug there is something out there for everyone. Start your Minnesota Vacation planning now.  #stayinsota

Submitted by Rich Swenson, Great Places Minnesota

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