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CMR Scholarships

The scholarship application process has passed for 2023. However, we will be accepting applications again in 2024.


Each year the CMR offers scholarships to qualified high school students or current undergraduate or technical school students. In addition, the scholarship funds are made available to children and grandchildren of CMR members. Recently, the CMR board has made available additional scholarships from the funds of non-awarded scholarships to include employees of eligible members during a second selection process.

The Scholarship Committee - consisting of several of your fellow resorters, and guided by your CMR Scholarship Chair, reviews the applications. Don't hesitate to contact us at cmrscholarship@minnesota-resorts.com if you have any questions! 

Congratulations 2022 CMR Scholarship Recipients!

Carol Kirchner Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Jordan Porth

Jordan Porth

Jordan is currently attending St Scholastica as a pre–physician’s assistant student majoring in chemistry.

Daughter of John and Sherrie
Loon Point Resort, Walker

How will your experience living and/or working at Loon Point Resort be meaningful in your life beyond college? I am majoring in chemistry, and I have a deep desire to help people and an interest in medicine. Living and working at a resort has been the most impactful experience in my life. The inclusive and positive community has shaped my character. I have become more socially equipped for all sorts of situations. When I go into my future career as a physician’s assistant, I will be able to bring to the table my “resort smile” and inclusive, positive environment. I will be able to deal with conflict in a processional and calm manner. I have developed a work ethic that will aid me in becoming one of the best physician’s assistants in my field. Teamwork has become an important focus in my life as working on a resort has shown me the power that working as a team has. A team builds on each other’s weaknesses and strengths, redefining a person. Resort life is all about teamwork and positivity. This character development has helped me through college and will continue to help me shape the future of healthcare. My goal is to better Americans’ overall health.

Community of Minnesota Resorts Scholarship Recipient

Calvin Bloomquist

Calvin Bloomquist 3by2

Calvin will be attending Bethel University this fall to major in elementary education.

Son of Marc and Jen Bloomquist
Cedar Rapids Lodge, Tenstrike

How has living and/or working at Cedar Rapids Lodge shaped your present character and your future plans?  I’ve lived and worked at our resort since I was twelve. I have always loved working here. I enjoy everything that comes with working at a resort…whether it’s dealing with people or doing all different kinds of jobs. I love that working at a resort can be so random. One minute I’m picking up garbage, and the next minute I’m unloading someone’s car. I think this type of work has given me a lot of great skills. I’m very flexible and easy going. I’ve learned to work with a lot of different kinds of people…. some very pleasant, and some a little more challenging. I know all these things have helped shape me into the person I am today. After being in the resort business I can’t imagine a job where I’m not working with people. I plan to either be a sports broadcaster or a teacher. Either way, I know that my resort skills will come in handy. I love this resort so much I may even end up running it someday!

Community of Minnesota Resorts Scholarship Recipient

Rachel Pitt

Rachel Pitt3x2

Rachel is currently attending the University of Wisconsin pursuing a comprehensive major of business management and marketing.

Daughter of Dana & Cindy Pitt
Bailey's Resort, Walker

How will your experience living and/or working at Bailey's Resort be meaningful in your life beyond college?I am pursuing a comprehensive major of business management and marketing and I would like to someday own and run my family’s resort. My experience at Bailey’s Resort has taught me to multi-task, work hard, problem-solve, and shown me how to communicate effectively with the public. Each of these skills has been useful to me throughout my college career thus far and will continue to make an impact in my life beyond college. In my first two years at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, I have been able to join multiple organizations and clubs while also taking a full class load because I have been taught the power of hard work and how to do so in an efficient manner. After college I will have the experience and confidence to succeed in my career as I plan to enter the management field. Growing up at my family’s resort has shown me what it takes to be in charge of a business and its employees, which I hope to do in my future career, after college graduation.

NEW FOR 2022

Scholarship Nominations

In the event that solicitations of scholarship applicants from the children or grandchildren of eligible member resorts does not fill out the entire number of scholarships available at the time, the CMR may, at its discretion, solicit applications from eligible member resorts recommending/nominating resort employees for available scholarship funds.

Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the CMR for their sponsorship of scholarships via membership dues and the Carol Kirchner family for making these scholarship awards possible.