CMR Scholarships

The next scholarship application window is February 15, 2025 - March 15, 2025.


Each year, the CMR offers scholarships to qualified high school students, current undergraduates, or technical school students of children and grandchildren of CMR members.

The Scholarship Committee - consisting of several of your fellow resorters and guided by your CMR Scholarship Liaison, reviews the applications. Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

Congratulations 2023 CMR Scholarship Recipients!

Katie Jamtgaard

Pine Insurance Agency Scholarship Recipient

Kate Jamtgaard

Kate plans to attend University of Wisconsin-Superior to pursue a degree in Business Marketing and Sports Management.

Daughter of Jay & Kim Jamtgaard
Wildwood Resort, Grand Rapids

How has living and/or working at a resort shaped your present character?

I grew up on a small resort owned by my parents on Bass Lake in Grand Rapids, MN. I spent my days playing on the beach and the playground with my sister and resort kids. I watched my parents put their time and energy  into growing their resort. They worked hard all day everyday but still came in the house at the end of the day and gave us love and attention. At the time I did not give any thought to whether or not they were happy or if they enjoyed their work. Now that I am older, I can see that they loved their job and even though they had hard years they never wanted to give up or move on. The resort was their life's work and passion. With their example I have learned to be a hard worker, committed to my goals, and kind to others and an excellent bed maker! I plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing/Sports Management. At this time, I believe that I want to be a high school athletic director. However, both my parents have business degrees that have helped make them successful business owners so I believe a business degree will prepare me for whatever my future holds.

Amanda Trusty Scholarship photo-crpped
PNG - background transparent

Community of Minnesota Resorts Scholarship Recipient

Amanda Trusty

Amanda plans to attend the University of North Dakota to pursue a degree in Manufacturing Engineering.

Daughter of Phil and Coni Trusty
Crow Wing Lake Campground, Brainerd

How has living and/or working at a campground shaped your present character and your future plans?

Growing up, most kids think of a enjoyable summer where they can relax and not worry about anything. For me its pretty much that, but when I tell people that I work at a campground they don't think it would be very relaxing. Not having a "regular" summer has really been quite the opportunity for me. It has allowed me to build my confidence with communicating with people of all ages, to make friendships that are lasting years, as well as given me the opportunity to get a background in working all sorts of areas. From being a receptionist, to doing landscaping work I have been able to get a taste of what running a resort would be like. Being able to work outside and with different types of machinery, it made me realize how much I like working with my hands. This lead me to decide to go into Manufacturing Engineering with a Biomedical minor in order to create and design better medical devices as well as problem solve on other things to make them more efficient.

Aleah Tabbert
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Carol Kirchner Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Aleah Tabbert

Aleah is currently attending the University of Minnesota Duluth pursuing a degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology and Chemistry.

Daughter of Tim & Dina Tabbert
Moonlight Bay Resort, Walker

How will your experience living and/or working at a resort  in your life be meaningful in your life beyond college?

Resort life has impacted me and my personality in very significant ways. It has taught me important communication skills, how to work customer service, and shaped who I am today. Many people in my generation lack a lot of social skills, especially when it come to communicating with older generations, due to social media and technology becoming our main means of communication. These skills are very important in adult life, as they are required to be able to do well in job interviews, and communicate with future employers and coworkers. Growing up living on our resort, I was constantly around people who all knew who I was , so I frequently asked questions and talked bout various subjects regarding the resort. It gave me a vary solid foundation of communication skills that will help me succeed in my future career, and continue to be useful for the rest of my life. It has also given me a strong  work ethic and determination to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals in life, as it has always been important to me to help my family keep our resort running smoothly and our guests happy.

Thank You!

We want to thank CMR members for sponsoring scholarships through membership dues and donations, and Pine Insurance for making these scholarship awards possible.