Apply for or Renew Your Membership

There are two ways to become a member or RENEW your membership:

NOTE: If applying between December and May please contact the CMR office for a prorated discount!

1) On-line:  Fill out the form below and click the submit button. This will take you to PayPal and back.


2) MAIL:  Print out the CMR registration form linked below and mail it with a check to:

Community of Minnesota Resorts (CMR)
PO Box 553
Albany, MN 56307

QUESTIONS about memberships? Call 320-212-5107 or email the CMR Office Manager

Resort Fee Structure

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  • RESORTS (Includes 3 or more cabins)
    Annual Membership Investment is $18.50 per bedroom

    Minimum $148 (includes 8 bedrooms or less)

    Maximum $962 (includes 52 bedrooms or more)

    1. Number of Rental Units (buildings/cabins) ________

    2. Number of Bedrooms ____________

    3. Number of Seasonal Campsites ______________

    4. Number of Overnight Campsites _____________

    Membership Dues:

    $______________CMR Annual Dues (#2 above X $18.50)

    (NOTE: If #2<or=8 then $148, If #2>or=52 then $962)

    + $____________ Optional Campground Search $50/Year)

    * See Below

    $___________________Total Amount Due
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Campground Fee Structure

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  • CAMPGROUNDS (includes 10 or more campsites)
    Annual Membership Investment:

    Base Fee $148

    Each campsite $4 each

    First 10 Campsites are free

    Maximum $962

    1. Number of Seasonal Campsites ______________

    2. Number of Overnight Campsites _____________

    Membership Dues:

    $ 148.00 __ Base Fee

    + $__________ Campsites ((#1+#2 from above)-10) X $4

    (NOTE: If total of #1+#2>or=214 then $814)

    $___________________Total Amount Due
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Membership investment is only $18.50 per bedroom Minimum $148.00 including 8 bedrooms or fewer Maximum $962.00 52 bedrooms or more. Prices include PayPal fees
If you have BOTH campsites and bedrooms - ONLY FILL OUT bedrooms in above space.
IF you are a CAMPGROUND ONLY - contact CMR Office Manager directly to apply or renew
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