"Do you ever wonder . . . "what are other resorts doing in this situation?"

Whether you have been in the business three or thirty years, you still ask yourself many questions. Based on our Motto of "Resorters helping Resorters," one of the strongest benefits to being part of the Community of Minnesota Resorts is the knowledge we can share with one another.

From conferences to workshops, our School of Resorting program with hands-on classes, magazines, resort tours, a Facebook group and e-mail group platform, we are here to support fellow resorters statewide.



Each year the Community of Minnesota Resorts offers scholarships to a student in high school or a current undergraduate or technical school student.  The scholarship funds are made available to children and grandchildren of CMR members.  An eligible member is one who has been a member for at least three consecutive years and is currently a member in good standing.  Associate Members are not eligible for scholarships.

The Scholarship Committee-consisting of a number of your fellow resorters, and guided by your CMR Office Manager, reviewed the applications and chose this year’s recipients.  Your CMR is pleased to announce the following have each won a scholarship for the upcoming 2021 academic school year.  Included is their picture, educational/resort information and the answer to the essay question: “How has living and/or working at your family’s resort shaped your present character and your future plans?