Sometimes life just gets too busy. We find that planning ahead for a northern Minnesota get away just cannot be done in advance. We understand. It is much better to try to do it last minute then not at all! To answer the question if last minute stays are ok? The answer is a definite YES.

The trend used to be that people made their family vacation plans in December and January and the kids’ plans were made around the family vacation. Times have changed. Now there are more opportunities for kids and the family vacation is planned around all the kids’ camps, practices, activities…..And this summer is different again because of Covid-19. Many of the activities were cancelled.  All of this can be worked around. It just makes the vacation planning a little later and sometimes very last minute. I figure, so long as the vacation is planned and taken, all is good.

So, you have everything else planned and now are ready to make the Minnesota Family Resort vacation plan. You may have a resort that you like to vacation at. You have stayed there before, you know what you are getting, you like the resort, you like the resort owners. It is good to start there. See what they have available. Many of our member resorts have their cabin availability on-line. You can easily see what works for you and your family.

If your “go-to” resort isn’t going to work for you, then you have to find another one. Perhaps you want to stay in the same area or lake. Perhaps it is a perfect time to check out another area. No worries, there are many quality Minnesota Resorts to vacation at.

This website offers a couple different ways to find a resort.

Region:   You can search by region. If you know the area you want to vacation at, then select that region or a couple regions.
Amenity: Perhaps there are specific amenities that you want at your resort. You can select one or a number of them and all the resorts that offer that amenity will come up. You can check out each resort!

When is the easiest time of year to book a last minute northern Minnesota vacation?
Of course the answer is “It’s always a good time to spend time at a Minnesota Family Resort.” But, there are times of the year that it may be easier to find a resort with openings. Typically resorts are busiest from the 2nd week in June until the 3rd week in August. Why? Because kids in Minnesota aren’t in school. But, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a resort with open cabins during that time of year. It just may be a little more of a challenge. You can always check our website’s Last Minute Openings page. You may want to start there.

If you aren’t seeing what you want there, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any availability for you. Perhaps the resort just isn’t posting on the Last Minute Openings feature. You will just have to check with the individual resorts that you are interested in vacationing with. They may have their availability on-line. If not, then the good ole phone call or perhaps an email is in order. Don’t give up. Vacations are worth the effort.

Where should I go and what should I do?
Your weekend opened up and you are able to head north! Or, perhaps, you finally found the week that will work for you and your family. Now the questions are… Where to go? What to do? Check to see what activities and festivities are going on in this wonderful state of Minnesota. Maybe Loony Days is going on in Vergas or Tall Timber Days is going on in Grand Rapids. Look for resorts within the region of that activity or event. You can find a member resort by searching by the region you are interested in.

Don’t resorts usually have a minimum number of days they require? 
If you are looking in the main summer season, you may find that many resorts have a minimum number of days required that is more than what you are able to stay. Well… being last minute many resorts waive that requirement. Perhaps they reduce the minimum to 2 or 3 instead of 5 or 7. You are in luck. Taking the risk of making a last minute stay just worked in your favor. Don’t be afraid to ask the resort owner if they are willing to take a reservation that is less than what they usually take. If you are looking in the spring, fall or winter, then many resorts reduce their required minimum number of days.

The main idea is that vacations are worth the effort and extra work of planning. If possible, plan ahead. But if that is not your reality, then plan a last minute stay. Yes, they are OK!

Submitted by Karen Senger
Resorter for 17 years, now retired from resorting
Photo Credit: Hidden Haven Resort

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