Owning and operating a resort for 17 years, we heard lots of stories. Some of the ones that I cherish are the ones where they have been looking forward to their vacation ALL Year. Perhaps you have said some of these things and can relate. If you have, I imagine that your resort owner loves to hear it too.

The Resort is my screen saver: “I have the resort photo or a family photo while taken at the resort as the screen saver at work or in a frame. When things get stressful, just look at that/those photos and it relaxes me.” “I have the sunset over the dock photo as my phone screen saver.” We used to get the family Christmas cards from some of our guests and it wasn’t uncommon that people used a photo from their vacation at the resort. I think that it is a place where the whole family is together having a good time and relaxing. Those make for great photo opportunities and therefore, great Christmas cards. Where was your screen saver photo taken?

Resort’s website is in my favorites. When I heard that, it always made me smile. Guests would say, “I look for updates and it is easy to find the website because it is in my favorites.” For those resorts that have web-cams, I have heard people say, “I look at the web-cam every day.” Is your favorite Minnesota resort tagged?

Kids say, let’s go to the cabin/lake. Parents will tell me, “My kids are really excited to ‘go to the lake’.” It always warmed my heart when I heard the kids say that they really wanted to come back to the resort again. It meant that they really enjoyed it and memories were made with them and their families. I knew that their resort vacation was really a real central part of their family memories. Have you made a Minnesota Resort Vacation? Can your kids say, “I look forward to going to the lake!”

We look forward to our time at the resort all year: We did hear that a lot. It was awesome knowing that we provided something that our guests cherished. For many of our families, their resort vacation was their only vacation. It was what helped them get through the year. It was something that they can and did look forward to. As a resort owner, that was super satisfying. It was great to be able to be a part of that. Do you have a Minnesota Resort Vacation to look forward to?

The one that got away: Oh, how many times did I hear about the story about the “one that got away!!” As a resort owner, I really never got sick of hearing about people’s adventures on the lake. It was fun to hear how the size of the fish sometimes changed when as the story got retold. I think perhaps the best stories are the ones where the fish “didn’t” get in the boat. The stories could be whatever they wanted. How fun!

Through my years at the resort, hearing stories from our guests was something we really enjoyed. When you are on vacation at one of our many owner-operated resorts, make sure to share your stories with the owners.

Start your stories. Make your Minnesota Resort Vacation now!

Submitted by: Karen Senger
Retired resort owner of 17 years

Photo Credits:
Karen Senger and Shing Wako Resort


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