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This idea has been brought up many times. But, it is that time of year again to bring it up. What do we do for Christmas gifts? The pressure can be challenging. We have an idea. Give the gift of memories.

Sharing memories can mean a number of different things. Below are just a couple to think about.

Take excursions: Give the gift of excursions. Take a look at what is going on in the state. Explore Minnesota ( is a good place to start. See if there is something that you have always wanted to do or maybe it is something that you always do and want to include other family members or friends. Make it something that people will remember. Not only does it give you something to look forward to, it also gives you something to talk about, sometimes for years.

Share meals: We all eat. Perhaps you want to consider sharing meals with family and/or friends. Create a gift certificate (or hand write one) that simply states that you will make them a home cooked meal. You can make something that you are especially good at. Or maybe you tell them that you will make something that you have never made before. Or, tell them that they can pick the menu and you will prepare it. It can be really a fun experience. Again, you eat every day. Why not make it fun.

Rent a boat/pontoon: Whether you live or vacation by a lake or river, if you don’t have a boat, think about giving the gift of a boat rental. If you have already rented a cabin, see if the resort has any boats or pontoon to rent for the week, for a day or for a half day. It can enhance your vacation and makes a great gift. You can pick a beautiful day to explore the lake on a pontoon that will fit all of you. You can experience it together. Or rent a speed boat and try waterskiing or tubing. If you have never done that before, maybe now is the time to try.

Rent a cabin: Giving a gift of a vacation is a great way to say Merry Christmas. It will give you and your family something to look forward to. If you are going with your family and that includes adult children, you want to think about if you want to share a larger cabin or have separate cabins. There is something special about sitting by a lake or by a campfire with your family and/or friends. It is a great way to bond. Think about checking out our member resorts.

Go where you went as a child: we all have childhood memories. Take some time and take your family or friends back to where you have childhood memories. Perhaps it is a place where you used to camp as a child. If that location isn’t available or even there anymore, then go someplace close by. Maybe the same lake or the same town. Or if it is close by, then plan on spending just a day there reminiscing about your childhood.

The gift of memories

There are plenty of gift ideas out there. Think about giving the gift of memories. It may very well out last anything else that you may give.

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Submitted by Karen Senger
Retired Resorter of 17 years, but still loves Resorts

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