There is nothing nicer in the fall than a quaint lakeside cabin, which is exactly what Minnesota lake resorts offer. So when planning your up north getaway this September, why not book a cabin rather than a hotel room?

If you love the outdoors and you plan to take a fall getaway this September, DON'T book a hotel room. Book a lakeside cabin. Now granted, I'm partial to cabins, 

but there are a few reasons that a cabin is a better choice, and it mostly centers around the experience. Here is a summary:

1) Cabins on a lake are quiet all day and all night. You hear nature, not traffic. You hear yourself breathe while you read, not the TV in the room next door or footsteps in the room above you.

2) Cabins include a dock with a bench, a picture window, a screen porch, a campfire pit and lakefront lawn. So many ways to take in a beautiful view of water and trees! A hotel will only offer you a window that typically doesn’t open and a view of the cars in the parking lot.

3) If it's raining outside, would you rather be stuck in a hotel room or a cozy cabin?!

4) The fall nightly rate in a cabin is comparable to most decent hotel rooms. The notion that Minnesota resorts will only rent cabins for full weeks is simply not true! Two and three night stays are certainly the norm in the fall.

Just the fact alone that resorts (and their cute cabins) are located in a rural setting, typically surrounded by forests, lakes and abundant wildlife, elevates the experience to something more relaxing and unique than any hotel chain can provide from the city limits. 

I’ve always found it funny that people will make a hotel chain their “go to” when they need a place to stay. I hope the information I’ve given you in this read will convince you to do otherwise, and to try a Minnesota resort vacation for your fall trip this year. To book your stay, visit www.Minnesota-Resorts.com. Fall is fast approaching, and weekends are filling up.

Until next time ~~ Jennifer Bateman


P.S. If fall colors are something you enjoy, colors peak in late September and early October in northern Minnesota. To ensure you plan your fall getaway during the peak of fall colors, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a Fall Color Finder https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/fall_colors/index.html  Once the colors start to turn, the map is updated several times a week.

Jennifer Bateman has owned and operated a Minnesota resort for over 20 years
and can attest first hand the experience a cabin vacation at a resort can provide.

Submitted by Karen Senger
Photo Credit: Joe’s Lodge,
Cedar Point Resort

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