Vacation with your dog

Now-a-days more people are going on vacation with their dogs. This can be so much fun but it is a lot of work and responsibility as well. I am here to help!

The first thing to think about is if your Minnesota resort is pet friendly. Do some research and see if they have a dog walking area or if they have a leash maximum or if there is a size limit. Most of this information is on their websites or can be answered with a quick call.

Now that you have chosen a resort that fits both you and your dog's needs; next comes packing for your pet. Below is a list of basics that I bring with me when I go traveling with my dog. You can always add items based on your dog’s needs. Please note that some resorts ask you to bring your own sheets if your dog sleeps on the bed with you!

  • Dog First Aid Kit - Make sure it has supplies to remove ticks - Medications
  • Food (all days plus 1 just in case)
  • Treats
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Dog Life Jacket
  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Tie-out (if allowed by the resort)
  • Doggie Poop Bags
  • Dog Backpack
  • Kennel & Bed
  • Hiking Harness
  • Dog Boots
  • Dog Toys

There are so many activities that you can do with your dog on vacation! Here are a few of our favorite things:

  • Swimming
    A dog life jacket is a necessity even if your dog is a great swimmer. When they are out there playing they sometimes forget how tired they are and a life jacket is just another extra layer of protection. If they are not used to the water, ease them into it and if they end up not liking it there are many other activities that you can do instead!
  • Boating/Fishing
    My dog LOVES going out on the boat with his life jacket. When you are out there keep them on a leash so that there is no risk of them jumping out. It might take them a moment to get used to the rocking of the water.
  • Kayaking/Paddle Boarding
    This might be for the more experienced kayaker/paddle boarder. Dogs don’t usually lay still so make sure you are wearing your life jacket as well. This activity will take a couple of tries before you are both comfortable. Just remember, do not force your dog into a situation where they are not comfortable.
  • Napping/Sunbathing
    Sometimes you just need to relax in the sun with your dog. Read a book. Take a nap. Get some sun. Not all activities with your dog need to be on the go. Some of the best memories made on vacation are relaxing with your dog!


Lastly, take lots of photos so that you can remember this vacation forever! Go out there and enjoy the Minnesota Summers!

Vacationing with your dog

Vacationing on its own is awesome. Vacationing with your dog is just an added bonus. There are plenty of things to do with your dog. Just be prepared prior to going!

Submitted by Holly Senger

Photo Credits: Holly Senger

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