Current Legislative Issues

The Community of Minnesota Resorts (CMR) is a non-profit association of family owned resort and campground businesses dedicated to improving resorting in Minnesota. The CMR advances legislative initiatives addressing governmental policies that can enhance the ability of resorts to compete and remain viable tourism establishments for countless Minnesota families.

Thousands of Minnesotans share memories of their “time at the lake.” Legislators can help preserve the resort and campground experience for future generations by approving simple and cost-effective legislation and opposing efforts that negatively impact the tourism industry.

March 9, 2022 quote from Senator Carrie Ruud on Day on the Hill - "Thank you for all your advocacy. Just showing up makes a big difference when we are thinking over legislative pieces. Seeing the number of faces who cared enough to spend a few minutes with us makes a big impact."

Retired Resorter

Sue Malikowski says,

"I rode one of the first "vans" to Day on the Hill, around 2002?

I am not particularly politically driven.  I was convinced how important it was to "show up."

I've been to DOH every year since!  (Well, with a 'pause' when exiting the day-to-day resort life, but back again now as a CMR Retired Resort Member and CMR Office Manager!)

The difference one person can make, not to mention the relationships, education and memories are priceless!"

Rugged River Resort

Sheila Niemyer says,

. . . about Day on the Hill: "I have had no interest or desire to talk about politics. I stay away from it as much as possible.

But this was so different than anything I had experienced before. I realized we can't always let someone else do the work."

Ten Mile Lake Resort

Linda & MIke Schulz say,

"We really enjoy the Day on the Hill because we always learn so much. It is not nearly as scary as we first thought it would be.

It is also so much fun to connect with all of our fellow resorters."

Sunset Bay Resort

Jim & Kristin Wherley say,

"We also were reluctant to get on the bus for Day on the Hill our first year.  I think it took us a couple of years to be convinced to go. We had a son playing college golf at the time, and we chose to go see him compete (Puerto Rico, Las Vegas-what can we say?) 

But, we realized as business owners that we needed to be involved in anything and everything that impacted our business. Our first time, we were just the smiles in the corner and didn't open our mouths.

Kristin always volunteers to be the note-taker for the group, so that she doesn't have to speak. We found that the legislators are regular people like us - so many of them are also business owners. The bus trip is a highlight.  We love to catch up with everyone."

EMT Recovery Grant

CMR supports additional state tourism recovery grants.  CMR President, Mike Schweiters, testified on this topic twice:  February 10 for senate, and February 16 for the house.  Thanks from all of us, Mike!

Grants would be available to support meetings, conventions and group business, multi-community and high-visibility events, and tourism marketing.

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Resort Property Tax Relief
Responsible Boat Operations
Broadband Funding

Highlights from past CMR legislative issues

CMR members talking to MN Senator