CMR 2024 Day on the Hill issues:

  1. Resort and Campground Property Tax Bill:
    Last year, we almost had this passed. Joel believes the Resort Property Tax Bill to re-adjust the tiers will pass in 2024. This proposal is stronger than the one we had in 2023. This should bring many resorts and campgrounds significant property tax relief and our most important topic this year.
  2. Earned Sick and Safe Time:
    We plan to receive more education on these new bills while at the Capital. Then, gather information from you and start working to address these concerns.
  3. Post Labor Day School Start:
    Encourage post Labor Day school start to help our August shoulder season bookings, which also helps our local economy.
  4. Funding for Explore Minnesota Tourism:
    Focus on strong funding. How important resorts and campgrounds are to the local economies, the tax dollars we bring into the state, and the out-of-state dollars that come with tourism in the rural areas.
  5. The DNR is talking walleye limits again:
    Something for us to watch as the rules process develops. DNR explores a weighty walleye change: reducing the state's daily bag limit (

Questions? Contact Michael Boldt at | 218-396-0042.

Retired Resorter

Sue Malikowski says,

"I rode one of the first "vans" to Day on the Hill around 2002, as I knew how important it was to "show up." I have attended many DOH events since that first one.
The difference one person can make, not to mention the relationships, education, and memories are priceless!"

Rugged River Resort

Sheila Niemyer says,

. . . about Day on the Hill: "I have had no interest or desire to talk about politics. I stay away from it as much as possible.

But this was so different than anything I had experienced before. I realized we can't always let someone else do the work."

Ten Mile Lake Resort

Linda & MIke Schulz say,

"We really enjoy the Day on the Hill because we always learn so much. It is not nearly as scary as we first thought it would be.

It is also so much fun to connect with all of our fellow resorters."

Sunset Bay Resort

Jim & Kristin Wherley say,

"We also were reluctant to get on the bus for Day on the Hill our first year.  I think it took us a couple of years to be convinced to go. We had a son playing college golf at the time, and we chose to go see him compete (Puerto Rico, Las Vegas-what can we say?) 

But, we realized as business owners that we needed to be involved in anything and everything that impacted our business. Our first time, we were just the smiles in the corner and didn't open our mouths.

Kristin always volunteers to be the note-taker for the group, so that she doesn't have to speak. We found that the legislators are regular people like us - so many of them are also business owners. The bus trip is a highlight.  We love to catch up with everyone."

Highlights from past CMR legislative issues

CMR members talking to MN Senator