How did we handle covid?

2020 Free Membership Offer for Resorts and Campground Throughout Minnesota

Early on, the Community of Minnesota Resorts realized the potential negative economic impact that the COVID 19 pandemic could cause its members as a vital part of the tourism industry.

It was determined that a One Year Free Membership be implemented for not only our current members, but for all resorts and campgrounds throughout Minnesota.

This was done in order to allow information on Governor’s Executive Orders, Department of Health Regulations, DNR Regulations, supply chain disruptions, operational ideas and changes, PPP Funding, EIDL funding and other information to be effectively communicated to all resorts through our Educational, Marketing, and Legislative platforms.

The thought process of offering a free membership:  if resorts and campgrounds don’t survive through the pandemic, neither will the CMR.  We were not going to be defeated as an industry without giving everything we had to survive.

Truly, “Resorters Helping Resorters.”

Our communications platforms and Zoom gatherings also allowed members to know they were not alone in facing the difficulties of the pandemic, and allowed for a sense of relief to know that we were all in this situation together.

Many non-member resorts and campgrounds chose to take us up on our offer and joined the CMR after the expiration of the free offer as of August 31, 2021.  In the end, through the pandemic, many resorts and campgrounds have flourished as we have provided a safe environment for our guests, allowing them to still have some normalcy during a truly abnormal time.

Past membership contributions allowed the CMR to put forth the ability to present this offer, and we thank all members past and present for their contributions to the success of this offer and the ability to implement it.