Capturing the Beauty

4 wheeling and getting into nature

With every vacation there is that special moment that you don’t want to forget. Getting those moments caught on camera will keep them alive forever. Here are some of my tips to keep your Minnesota travel memories unforgettable.

Family and Friends
The first thing that people seem to regret is not taking enough photos of are family members. Family is something that everyone thinks will always be around, will live within a couple miles (or hours) or will have time to go on vacation with. But we all know that life gets busy, people move, and move-on. So, while on vacation I always recommend taking pictures of your family and/or friends. Take the candid pic of them eating the messy S’more, them jumping into the lake, or with that big fish. Family photos don’t have to be stiff, everyone wears the same color, and fake smiles; they can be the swimsuit group shot where half the people are sunburned and the other half pasty white and yet that one cousin always seems to get that nice tan within hours of the snow melting. Those casual photos of your people are going to be the ones that litter the fridge.

Minnesota is exploding with the most beautiful scenery that you can imagine. When you are traveling around Minnesota make sure to capture as much of the diversity there is to offer! Get that shot with the loon, the one with the twisted tree, and don’t forget the one of the weird bugs you do not know what it is! When you are taking shots of the nature around you, you are learning about the points that make Minnesota interesting. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a great site to find the best scenic and natural areas that you can explore when you are on your vacation or when you have an afternoon off! Click here for a DNR link to Minnesota Scientific and Natural Areas.


Important Events
While we are traveling we experience life's greatest events: catching our first fish, camping the first time, engagements and weddings, birthday celebrations, and so many more. Remembering all of those special moments becomes easier when you take photos. There are options when these phenomena happen; you can hire a professional to get an outsider's perspective, a friend can capture the moment, a member of the group, or all of the above! When you are on vacation there is something special about being around the people you travel with and those who are important to us that no one wants to forget. Just don’t forget to let them slip by without a photo (or 10)!

One of the viewpoints I always seem to forget is the selfie! Nowadays we always think of selfies as tweens taking a photo of themselves in a bathroom mirror; they can be so much more! As someone who does some solo traveling, that selfie might be the only physical proof of you being on that vacation! And, it is a great way to remember your experiences.

Don't forget to do something with them!

When it is all said and done no one has ever regretted taking too many photos! Just make sure to get them off your phone and into a scrapbook or in frames on the wall! And, think about digitally backing up your photos. Also, when you are making your plans, don’t forget to check out some of our owner-operated resorts and campground.

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Submitted by Holly Senger

Photo Credit: Holly Senger, Barbara Unzen

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