So, you don’t think you can take a full week of vacation. What can you do? You have options! Below are some things to consider when trying to plan your perfect Minnesota resort vacation with a limited amount of vacation days.

The amount of time you have will make a difference. Some resorts only rent for a full week during the prime summer weeks. BUT NOT ALL. Any vacation is a good vacation. If you cannot take a full week of vacation then look below for some things to consider:

1. Try non-prime summer weeks. Most resorts are much more flexible on their required length of stay during what is considered the “non-prime” season weeks. Think about vacationing before the third week in June or after the 2nd week in August. Resorts may have more openings and may be more willing to take a partial week reservation. September or after is also a great time to vacation, if you don’t have to deal with kids in school.

2. Call closer to the time you want to vacation. Those resorts that generally only take a full week’s rental in the summer will often make an exception if you call a couple weeks ahead of time. Many will take a 3 or 4 night rental at the last minute! When making a last minute reservation, don’t forget to check out our member’s last minute openings. Member resorts can post openings they have if within 2 weeks.

3. Share your week with family or friends. If you found that perfect Minnesota resort, but have to rent for a full week, what do you do? With this you do, as well, have options. You can:

–Reserve for the full week but only stay the amount of days you can. For example, if you can only stay 5 nights, reserve the full week anyway. Maybe your rental starts on a Saturday, but cannot make it until Sunday or Monday. Then instead of waiting until the normal check-in time (usually 3PM or 4PM), you would be able to check in as early as you want on Sunday. The same goes for the end of the week. If you can only stay until Friday, but you have your cabin reserved until Saturday. Then instead of abiding with the resort’s standard check-out time (usually 8AM, 9AM or 10AM), you can stay as long as you want to on Friday. You have the benefit of a more relaxing check-in and check-out.

–Reserve the full week and share the week with family or friends. Do you know others that can’t vacation for a full week either? Why not vacation the first half of the week and have them take the last half of the week. You will most likely save money paying for 3/7 or 4/7 of a week versus paying for 3 days. The math is easy. If the daily rate is $300 and the weekly rate is $1,350, reserving just 3 nights would be $900 or 4 nights would be $1,200. Whereas, if you reserve the full week to share with friends or family and you stay ½ of the week your rental would only be $675. It is something to think about!!

4. Consider a full week. Sometimes a week’s vacation may not be much more than a 4-day vacation (see the math above). If you are vacationing with more than one family or perhaps a blended family, perhaps some of you can stay the full week while others can only stay a partial week. If you rent for the full week, then others can come and go during that week as it works into their schedule!

5. Ask the Minnesota resort you are interested in if they will take a shorter stay. Not all resorts require a full week’s rental even during the prime summer. If that is the case, then you can reserve a partial week at any time. If they generally require a full week, then there is no harm in asking! As stated in the second bullet point, you might have better luck if it is last minute. All they can say is no. So, ASK!

So, again, if you cannot stay a full week, you have options.

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Submitted by:
Karen Senger
Resort owner for 17 years,
recently retired from Resorting, but still love Resorts!

Photo Credits: Lost Acres Resort, Bowen Lodge, Jake’s Northwest Angle


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