When you hear the word “camping” different thoughts may come to mind. You may think of tents, being outside, campfires, sitting in a fancy camper/RV, being outside…. The list goes on. No matter what you have to “camp” in or what the word camping means to you, there are things to consider when choosing the right northern Minnesota campgrounds for you.

Sewer, Water and Electric Hook-ups: What does the campground offer? Many have water and electric sites. Some campgrounds have sewer hook-ups too. Having water is convenient. However if you have a camper you most likely have a holding tank so you could go a few days without filling up. Electric hook ups is also convenient. But, not everyone needs electricity. If you have an RV and have a portable generator then you could run the generator to produce your own electricity. Most of our member campsites have water and electric to their sites. But not all have sewer hook ups. If that is the case and you have a camper that has a holding tank, then you just need to use the dump station before heading home. If you don’t have a holding tank or if you have a pop-up or tent, then you will just need to use the facilities offered at the campground.

Amenities: What amenities are included with your site rental? There is a wide variety of amenities that may be offered. There may be a playground with a pirate ship, merry-go-round, sandbox, swings and slides. There may be an outdoor pool, an indoor pool or maybe a hot tub. A lodge may be at your campground where you can get some ice cream, ice, t-shirt, sweatshirt, or bait. The Minnesota campgrounds’ website should tell you all of that.

Water toys: All our member campgrounds are by a Minnesota lake (or river),(link to campground) so many have dock space for your own boat and most have some water toys. Maybe it is a trampoline, stand-up paddleboard, hydro-bike, swim raft, canoes, kayaks or splash pads. Check out their websites to see what they have to offer.

Boat and pontoon rentals: If you are bringing your own boat, dock space may be included with your site rental or perhaps a dock space is available for rent. If you don’t have your own boat and want to get out on the water, then check to see what your Minnesota campground has to offer for rent. Maybe you can rent a pontoon for a couple hours or a whole day.

Pets allowed: Will you be bringing you’re a pet camping. You would want to confirm that the campground is pet friendly. If pets are allowed, then make sure to check on the campground’s pet policy. Some are as simple as “keep them on a leash” others may request that you keep them in the campground and not by the cabins. Just make sure that you are aware of them.

Campfire wood: The smell of a campfire goes hand-in-hand with camping. In Minnesota, firewood cannot be brought from home, unless it meets specific criteria. The The National Forestry Department is trying control the spread of some invasive species that may be in firewood. So, please plan on buying firewood at the campgrounds or a store by where you are camping. Since you are planning on having a fire, don’t forget the marshmallows for ‘smores!

Fishing: Let’s not forget about fishing. Some campers go fishing every day. Get the layout of the lake and the hot fishing spots from the owner-operator of your resort. Go out in a boat or fish off a dock. Spend some time by the water with a fishing rod. If you catch something, that is an added bonus! You don’t know what you can catch unless you try.

Scheduled Activities: Campgrounds are usually busier on weekends. However, you may be able to go mid-week or stay for a full week. If you have time and are interested, check with your campground to see if there are any scheduled activities planned.

Some of our member resorts have campsites available as well. We made it easy for you to find them by clicking on this Campground Directory Link or at the Campground Directory link at the top of this page.

By: Karen Senger
Photo Credit: Cedar Point Resort

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