Take the kids with you

When you think of a vacation, is leaving the kids at home the first thought? Let’s change that!

There are so many activities that can create memories that last a lifetime for both you and your children. All around Minnesota there are adventures that any age can enjoy. When families are on vacation a big concern is space; cramming everyone’s luggage and all the supplies makes for a tight fit. This list of activities is low or no supplies.

1 Make Art from Nature The world around us is filled with art supplies. Help your kids create a new world from what they find around your campsite or cabin. A couple of twigs that are now a house. A leaf is a bug hammock. Moss is now the rug for your twig house. You can also make mud pictures that wash away at the next rain shower.

2 Learn about the world around us

With this you will need some knowledge or a field guide. Kids are always curious about what is going on around them; fostering that spirit of inquiry will follow them throughout their whole lives. As you walk along the lake or trail, have your kids point out things they are unfamiliar with. Tell them what it is, if it is edible, or any fun fact that they might enjoy. Look at all the bugs in the swamp and birds in the trees. Make sure to teach them that we leave everything as we found it so that the next kid can appreciate it.

3 Visit Minnesota’s attractions

All around Minnesota there are youngster friendly places. Where they can explore and experience the joys of Minnesota.

  • Spirit Mountain in Duluth is not only made for winter! There is a whole adventure park that you can partake in.
  • Itasca State Park is the Headwaters of the Mississippi and is a trove of history.
  • Vince Shute Bear Sanctuary out in Orr is a truly special experience that you cannot get anywhere else. Kids of all ages will love seeing so many real bears wandering around!
  • Check out Explore Minnesota for a list of things to do and places to see all over Minnesota.

4 Shadow Drawing

Using rocks and leaves and anything else you can find, make pictures from the shadows. Maybe a bunch of leaves is now a horse. Those piles of rocks have magically turned into a caterpillar. The only limit is your imagination.

Bring the kids along

When the day is done and everyone is sitting around the campfire remember that vacations are for everyone and exploring Minnesota is for all!

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Submitted by Holly Senger

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