Planning a vacation may be a challenge. One of the decisions that need to be made is the length of the vacation. People may ask… do I really need a full week long vacation? Well… that depends. Below are some pros and cons about a full week long vacation at that Minnesota Resort Vacation Cabin. Minnesota is a great place to vacation!



You can really relax. As a resort owner I have heard so many times that it take 3 days to really start relaxing. The first couple days of days you start to decompress and then starting the third day the stress level starts to go down. So, by the time you are on day 5 you are feeling good!

Use more amenities at the resort. If you have a full week, you may have the time to partake in all or at least more of the activities or amenities that the resort offers. You will have time to take both the canoe and the kayak out. You may feel like going to the ice cream social. You may take the time to sit in all the beach chairs at the beach or pool. You may see what is at the end of the path or trail. You may take the time to have a conversation with the friendly resort owner.

You can spend days doing nothing. Perhaps you have no interest in taking day trips to see area attractions. Sitting and doing nothing can be awesome. Doing a full week of that… well… even MORE awesome.

You can really get to know an area in a week. If you are new to an area and want to get to know the area, by staying a full week you will have time to hit the attractions that everyone goes to AND you will have time to see some that aren’t as popular, but are just as good

Bad weather day isn’t a big deal. You cannot control the weather, so it is not beneficial to get angry with the weather (not always easy to avoid though!). But, if you have a full week, having a rain or wind day (or two) isn’t as big of an impact. You can spend time in the cabin playing games, bake something new or special, have a reading or movie marathon. Or maybe go to the lodge. Or find area activities that aren’t impacted by weather. Or, go shopping… You see the theme… there are plenty of things to do or, again, do nothing!

You may have some alone time and some together time: Maybe you are vacationing with other families or adult children and not everyone can stay the full week. Hurray! That can be a good thing. You can spread out the visits throughout the whole week. Or perhaps….. you will have some together time with the family and some quieter time, too. Ah, the best of both worlds!


Ok, so we know there are plenty of pros to taking a week-long vacation. But, there are some cons as well.


More time away from work. It may not be easy to get all the time away from work that you want. You may not have many weeks of vacation. Or perhaps you don’t feel like you can take a full week away from work. That is another topic all together. But, it is a reality. Taking time off is a gift to you and your employer. Do try to take some time away.

More time with the whole family. Although this is also a pro, it sometimes is a con as well. Families can be complicated. You may be vacationing with extended family, or with your adult children, or perhaps with your minor children. It isn’t always easy. It is rewarding and worth the effort. But… not always easy.

Kids may not want to be away from their friends that long. Your kids may say that they don’t want to be away from their friends or activities for that long. But, later on when asked what they remember most about their childhood, many talk about their vacations.

You don’t know how to relax for a whole week. Relaxing may take practice. Many people are so busy with their lives that the thought of not having anything structured for a full week is overwhelming. Again, practice makes perfect. If a week seems overwhelming, then try a weekend, then a long weekend. Work up to a full week vacation.

It is usually less expensive! Yes that is right. For most Minnesota Resorts if you stay 4 or 5 nights the rate is the same as a full week. So, if you were thinking of staying 4 nights, wny not stretch it out? The cost may not be more.

Submitted by Karen Senger
Photo Credit: Joe’s Lodge,
Cedar Point Resort

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