We are often asked, “What is there to do if it rains?” There are always things that you can do off the resort (shopping, movies, attractions, restaurants etc.), but it also nice to know that there are things to do in your northwoods cabin at Cedar Point Resort. Certainly do not let a little weather ruin your vacation. Of course we always try to “order” good weather for our guests. But, there are times when it does rain. So, below are some things to consider if there is some in the forecast.

  1. Play board games, cards, or dice.

If you didn’t bring your favorites, we have many in the Lodge. With so many activities involving “screens” it is nice to enjoy some activities that don’t include them. Game, card and dice are a great way to have some quality time. We have some favorite dice games including 654, 3s are free, Yahtzee, 10,000, and Left Center Right to name a few. My family has always been a card playing family. Perhaps yours is too and you have your family favorites. But, if not, you may want to try The One Card Game, 31 or In-between.

  1. Bake something new or special.

Some people love to cook and bake and others…. not so much. Sometimes people don’t bake or cook because of time constraints. Well when you are on vacation you can make time for it or perhaps be ready to do it if it rains. For me, I like to cook but not bake. So, if it were me, I would take the opportunity to make a nice meal in the cabin. What about dessert? I would go to the lodge for a Colossal-Cedar-Point-A-Palooza. A Colossal-Cedar-Point-A-Palooza has a brownie, 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 3 cookies, peanuts, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and then more caramel and chocolate syrup, and topped with a cherry!

  1. Reading marathon or movie marathon.

Whatever “marathon” you prefer is great. Spend half the day reading quietly and half the day watching movies. We have flat screen TVs in all the cabins. If you didn’t bring a book, come on up to the Lodge we have plenty for you to read.

  1. Come to The Lodge!

There are plenty of fun things to do in The Lodge like play pool, eat a pizza and hanging out in the internet café. If you want to get out of your cabin, but not drive anywhere, then come on up to The Lodge. In The Lodge at Cedar Point Resort we have a pool table, foosball table, giant chess set and lots more. Have a friendly contest amongst your family and friends or make some new friends with other guests. We have board games, cards and dice for you to use there or you can take them back to your cabin. If you want to take a break and get some food, come on up and order a pizza in The Lodge. They really are great and we make them to order. There are some comfortable sofas in the lodge as well as tables. We are always there, you can come and chat with us or other Cedar Point guests.

  1. Go fishing or swimming.

So, you ask, What, if is raining? If it is only raining and there is no threat of lightning , you can certainly go out on the lake. We have some people that really like to go fishing in the rain. If you have the right gear, you will be very comfortable out there. It might be quite relaxing to sit on the lake in the rain. You can swim as well. I know that my kids have gone swimming in North Star Lake in the rain. They are wet anyway and with some warm rain coming down….. no problem. It may only be uncomfortable for parents if the kids need to be watched. Then either dress accordingly, OR tell them they cannot go swimming. See, the choice is yours!

  1. Witness the beauty of North Star Lake.

This might be a favorite. Watching the lake in the sunshine is wonderful. But, so is watching North Star Lake when it is raining. It is sometimes more soothing because there is usually less activities going on outside. Take the time to really enjoy watching the lake.

  1. Do some crafts in your cabin.

If your family is into crafts, then if you do have a rainy day, it would be a perfect day to do them. Or, if you don’t have kids and like doing crafts…. even better. I like to do some scrapbooking and have recently starting doing some wood burning. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable. We have some people that come in the fall that set up their cabins with their scrapbooking supplies. It is the one time a year that they can solely dedicate time to this craft.

  1. Put together a puzzle.

Some people find them fun and relaxing. But, if you are a “puzzler” perhaps you want to have one going during your whole vacation or just do one if it rains. Either way it can be a very relaxing activity. We have plenty of puzzles in The Lodge that you can do there or take back to your cabin. We have puzzles for kids and adults. I like putting together puzzles!


There is plenty to do on a rainy day. That doesn’t mean that it will rain. But, it certainly isn’t something to worry about! Go ahead, it is time to reserve your northern Minnesota resort vacation now! Give us a call or check us out on-line.

Submitted by Karen Senger
Photo Credit: Joe’s Lodge,
Cedar Point Resort

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