The reasons are many! Below are a few.

1. The Resorts are usually quieter. September can still be busy, but even if all the cabins are full, the resort is usually still quieter. There usually aren’t any kids running around because they are all in school. Kids are great and I always loved listening to the kids having fun at the resort. But there is something to say about having a little quiet time. In September there are usually only couples or groups of fishermen or fisherwomen.

2.The days are nice and the evenings are cool. What a great time to take a vacation! You will still have nice days and the evenings cool down which makes great sleeping weather for many. Personally, I really like wearing sweatshirts and shorts.

3. Fewer bugs. Once you get a couple cold days, the bug population seems to be significantly reduced. You can more easily enjoy the great outdoors without swatting bugs. That is a treat. I would certainly bring a flyswatter, just in case, but you may not need it.

4. Rates are usually a less. For many resorts the rates go down in September. Because that is not the more popular time for people to go on vacation, having lower rates is a great way that resort owners entice guests to vacation in September. So, again, if you are flexible, then why not take advantage of vacationing the when the rates are less.

5. Go for less than a week. Many resorts only take full weekly rental during the prime summer season and many of them are able to be much more flexible in September. If you cannot vacation for a full week, then think about going for a weekend or a long weekend.

6. Fishing can be awesome. For those that like fishing, fishing in September can be awesome. And the views on the lake or river are very different and beautiful in September as the season is changing. You will have to fish a little different because the water is getting colder and many fish species are getting ready for winter. At our resort, many of our September guests bragged about and swore by the fall fishing. Give it a try!

7. The leaves are starting to change. Need I say more? The fall weather brings about the changing leaves. How awesome is that. At the resort, I always enjoyed watching the lake as the leaves changed colors. It was my favorite time of year.



It is an awesome time of year and a great time to go north to one of our great Minnesota Resorts! The days are getting shorter, darkness comes a little earlier every day, the weather is getting cooler and the views are great. So, really, WHY NOT vacation in September?

Submitted by Karen Senger
Retired Resorter of 17 years, but still loves Resorts

Photo Credits: Oak Haven Resort and Campground, Bemidji, MN

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