will the ice be off the lakes for Minnesota Fishing Opener?

Ice going off Minnesota Lake

This time of year we are all ready for spring-like weather. But, mother nature sure seems to be playing a trick on many of us in Northern Minnesota. This bring up the question, “Will the ice ever go off the lake?” The answer is yes, of course. It always goes off the lake. Your resort owners are working hard this time of year to get those cabins and their resorts open for the spring season. If you have a vacation planned for this spring and summer, it will happen and you will have a great time.

The ice will go off the lake, the docks will go in and you will be able to enjoy the spring. For Minnesota, Opening of Fishing is May 13, 2023 (for walleye and northerns). This is just a couple weeks away. We are seeing many signs that the ice is thinning and getting ready to sink and disappear. There is open water along the edges on many lakes. It obviously takes a little longer for most lakes the further north you go in Minnesota. But, the ice will go off. When? Time will tell.

We had a resort for 17 years and there were a few years that the ice went out pretty close to opener. But, we were ready for guests. Your resort will be ready too. The sun has mighty power this time of year and will do a number on the snow and ice that is still around in northern Minnesota. Will the ice be off for the Minnesota Fishing Opener? Most likely, yes. I believe all the snow is gone in most of southern and central Minnesota. The rest of Minnesota is following. Minnesota Resort owners are getting their resorts ready for you. For many the Minnesota Fishing Opening is a tradition. Sometimes it is super warm, sometimes it even flurries. But, as they say, “Those people that fish will fish.” It is time to get the fishing gear out of the garage!


You may ask how the lake ices melts. I found this interesting information on the Minnesota DNR website:
1.   March, as the air warms and the sun gets more intense, the snow melts allowing light to penetrate the ice. Because the ice acts like the glass in a greenhouse, the water beneath it begins to warm and the ice begins to melt FROM THE BOTTOM.
2.   When the ice thickness erodes to between 4 and 12 inches, it transforms into long vertical crystals called “candles.” These conduct light even better, so the ice starts to look black, because it is not reflecting much sunlight.
3.   Warming continues because the light energy is being transferred to the water below the ice. Meltwater fills in between the crystals, which begin breaking apart. The surface appears grayish and the ice reflects a bit more light than before.
4.   The wind comes up and breaks the surface apart. The candles will often be blown to one side of the lake, making a tinkling sound as they knock against one another and piling up on the shore.

The ice will go off the lakes and your resort will be ready

So, the ice will come off the lakes, your resort owners will have those special resorts ready that mean so much to so many guests, summer will be following our spring and people will be enjoying so much that Minnesota has to offer. Check out our owner-operated Minnesota Resorts for your vacation plans.

Submitted by Karen Senger
Retired Resorter of 17 years, but still loves Resorts

Photo Credit: Karen Senger

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