What to pack for your resort vacation

Your Minnesota resort vacation is fast approaching and it’s time to start packing. It might be the first time you and your family are spending a week at a lakeside resort or it could be the fifth time you’ve visited. Either way, packing for your upcoming stay can seem daunting.

Odds are you will probably over pack, but it’s always good to be prepared for many scenarios: heat, cold, rain, poison ivy…

There are the basics like food for meals and snacks, drinks and clothing for each member of your family during the duration of your stay. But did you remember your husband’s fishing hat or water shoes for your kids?

We’ve compiled a list of must-haves — and a few things you may not have thought about — for a week-long resort vacation that is sure to help you through the process!

Outdoor essentials

►Lip balm with SPF
►Bug spray- Organic options may meet your needs
►Aloe for sunburns or the off-chance someone gets poison ivy
►After-bite for bug bites
►Citronella candles for those pesky mosquitoes around the campfire
►Reusable water bottles
► Lawn chairs (check with your resort to see if any are supplied)
►Beach umbrella
►Beach bag
►Bicycles (if you are up for it)
►Binoculars for bird watching

Water basics

►Water shoes
►Floaties and other water toys for in the lake
►Life jackets (if you have them; most resorts have life jackets for guest use)
►Mini super soakers could be fun for the whole family!
►Beach towels
►Fishing poles (and don’t forget your fishing license)
►Fishing tackle
►Fish cleaning knife
►Bait (many resorts sell bait on-site)

For your dog

►Collapsible water bowl
►Dog first aid kit
►Pick-up bags
►Floating fetch toy
►Life jacket
►Sunscreen if your dog is light-skinned or has short fur

Household things

►Laundry detergent/fabric softener/stain remover for on-site laundry
►Bedding and pillow — most resorts provide them but if you have a favorite don’t forget to pack it
►Bath towels
►Kitchen towels
►Dry bag for wet swimsuits or clothing
►Garbage bags
►Ziploc bags and/or containers for leftovers
►Cooking oil
►Salt, pepper, spices
►Paper towels

Around the campfire

►Insulated cooler(s)
►Marshmallow roasting sticks
►Matches or a lighter
►Tent, poles and stakes
►Plastic tarps
►Sleeping bags and sleeping pads
Recipe for a campfire meal

Clothing musts

►Sweatshirt and long pants — it can get chilly at night
►Rain gear
►Tennis shoes or hiking boots

Just-in-case items

►Cell phone and charger — vacation is a time to unplug and recharge, but take a phone in case of an emergency
►Camera/video camera and charger
►Flashlights and batteries
►Swiss Army knife
►First aid kit
►A map of the area if you plan to hike
►Outdoor and indoor games — some resorts have game rooms, so check before you go
►Baby equipment (baby gate, high chair, portable crib, etc.)
►Books and/or magazines

While packing, you’re bound to forget something. But don’t worry — it happens to the best of us! Many resorts have on-site stores, plus a nearby town is rarely far away.

Check with your resort before you pack to find out what amenities are available, such as on-site laundry, a game room and kitchen essentials. Adjust your list as needed!

If you haven’t booked your 2019 Minnesota Resort vacation click here to find the perfect place for you and your family.

Submitted by: Caitlin Koenig
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