We are hearing this more and more. “I want a vacation with my family, but right now I don’t want to fly.” Some people have never enjoyed flying and even more are reluctant to fly during this Covid-19 pandemic. That doesn’t mean that you cannot go on vacation. Vacationing at a Minnesota Resort has always made sense and now it makes even MORE sense! So, what can you do for a vacation without flying? You can DRIVE to a Minnesota Resort.

Vacationing at a Minnesota Resort may be the answer. Why?

➯Usually only a 3 hour or less drive away.
➯It is a safe way to vacation.
➯You can have family time… together…. in one location that isn’t your home.
➯Quality vs Quantity Time.
➯You can create memories (other than Covid-19!) that can last a lifetime.
➯You can save money.

Usually a 3 hour or less drive away. Minnesota has so many Resorts to choose from. Depending on where you live, the drive could be fairly short. If you are coming from an adjacent state to Minnesota, the drive is still doable in one day. So, there won’t be a hotel stay along the way!

It is a safe way to vacation. Your Resort owners are working hard to assure you that you will have a safe and secure vacation. Could there be a better, safer place to vacation then in your own cabin? You will be sharing your space with…. just your family. Resort owners follow CDC and MN Department of Health laws. There are many guidelines that need to be followed during this time and you can be rest assured that they are keeping up on it.

You can have family time…. together… in one location that isn’t your home. Won’t it be nice to be able to spend time with your family that isn’t the same place you have been for the last 3 months. This Covid-19 Stay-at-Home and Safer-at-Home guidelines has made it necessary to spend more time together. That is good, but a change of scenery is certainly nice.

Quality vs Quantity Time Together. Again, many have been feeling that they have received LOTS of QUANTITY TIME together with family.  That really is awesome and something that families need. However, vacationing together at a Minnesota Resort could now offer QUALITY TIME together as a family. It is out of the usual routine.

You can Create Memories (other than Covid-19) that can Last a Lifetime. When you look back at your childhood, what are many of the memories revolving around? Could it be vacations or doing something out of the ordinary?  Memories are important.   Won’t it be nice to have memories during this time that aren’t Covid-19 related? Spending time together as a family at a Minnesota Resort Cabin….. perfect.

You can Save Money. Yes, it is true. Flying somewhere and then renting a place to stay and renting a car can be really expensive. Driving to a Resort is much less expensive. Think about staying a full week. Depending on how much time you have, a full week may not be that much more than 4 days. You can do all your cooking in your cabin. You don’t have to eat-out for every meal. Cherish those family memories and save money at the same time.

You can have an awesome family vacation and you DON’T have to FLY. Start with checking out one of our awesome owner-operated Minnesota Resorts.

Submitted by: Karen Senger
Resorter for 17 years, now retired

Photo Credit: Sandy Pines Resort

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