It seems that I am constantly seeing people taking photos. Are they important? I say yes. Below are some items for you to think about.

Inside photos: When you are taking vacation photos, everyone loves to see those sunset photos, even if the photos don’t do them justice. But, don’t forget out inside photos too. In the future, as you are talking about your vacation, memories will come up about when you were playing games at the table, chatting in living room or sharing a room with a cousin. If you take some photos of your group inside the cabin, it can bring up even more memories.

Outside photos: Along those same lines, you have the sunset photos, but don’t forget the campfire, picnic table or sitting at the lake. Oh yeah, the boat or pontoon ride too. Include some of those photos. Seeing the kids playing in the lake or building sandcastles are memories that should be cherished. How about the first fish, what the lakeshore looked like, the friendly chipmunk… Don’t forget S’Mores.

Take a photo of the resort: If you tend to go to many different resorts, how many times have you looked at some photos and thought, “Now where were we again?” Sometimes this is true if you go to other countries too! So when you are taking some photos, think about adding one with the name of the resort. Gather your whole group and take a photo in front of that resort sign. They make great Christmas cards too. We have many owner-operated resorts for you to consider.

Save some: Organizing photos is a big job. Just putting them on into files on your computer (or wherever you choose to store them) is fine. But, then when/if you go back to look at them, it might be a little overwhelming. Maybe as you save them to the larger file, take some special ones out and put it in a smaller file. You may be more apt to go back and look at them and perhaps one day print, organize or display them. Catching up from years past maybe overwhelming, so start with just this year’s vacation.


Print some: Not everyone makes photo albums or creates scrapbooks, but think about printing some of your photos. I remember that commercial where the photos were “Trapped in the camera.” But, so many times once the photo is in your camera, where does it go? Take a look at how many photos are on your camera right now. Don’t even think about printing them all. But look through your vacation photos and print at least a couple from each vacation. Maybe enlarge some and put them in a frame. One day you might do something more permanent with them, but in the mean time you can take them out and just enjoy them. You are more likely to do that then to look through the 10,000 photos you have on your phone.


Making Memories

What I am getting at is that, just like the title of this blog states, “Vacation Photos Matter.” So, in addition to just taking photos, take a variety of photos, organize/save them and print some. Many fond memories revolve around family vacation or the guys or gals fishing trips. Cherish the photos of these experiences.

Submitted by Karen Senger
Retired Resorter of 17 years, but still loves Resorts

Photo Credit: Karen Senger,
Balsam Beach Resort, Canary Beach Resort

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