Spring Workshops

2020 CMR Spring Workshop (Webinar)

You can use your cursor and tap on the timeline to move about to various times in the video.  You can use this to view and come back to the video to enable you to watch it in segments also (just keep a note of where you left off).  Below each speaker are the topics, time frame in the video they presented, and any active links to presentations/slides under the heading “Resources”.  We have also included speaker email and contact information in the event you desire to ask follow up or personal questions of them.

Watch our Spring Workshop Webinar here: 
Schedule, speakers, & resources:
Welcome: Clint Mueller, Chief of Staff Patrick Tanis, & MN Senator Carrie Ruud (32:09)
   Time in video: Start to 7:30…& Senator Ruud at 32:09
Ben Weerts: Thrivent Financial | Associate CMR Member
218-326-0068 | benjamin.weerts@thrivent.com
Economy Update & Budgeting for it
Time in video: 12:35-32:08 & 37:38-50:40
The Secure Act & Your Retirement
CARES Act Provides Relief for Businesses
Roger Stewart: Northwoods Bank President | Associate CMR Member
Park Rapids – 218-732-7221 | Nevis- 218-652-2265 | Pine City- 320-629-5000 | RogerStewart@northwoodsbank.com
Presentation: The Bank’s Perspective & Disaster Relief + Q&A | PPP & SBA Loan processing
Time in video: 51:11-1:16 

Joel Carlson: CMR Lobbyist | Legal Research

Contact Information: 
651.223.2869 | 612.860.1225 cell | jdcresearch@aol.com

 Legislative Updates & Q&A
Time in video: 1:17-2:12


DNR: https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/covid-19.html
Executive Order Site: https://mn.gov/governor/news/executiveorders.jsp
Unemployment: https://www.uimn.org/applicants/needtoknow/news-updates/covid-19.jsp
DEED: https://mn.gov/deed/business/financing-business/deed-programs/peacetime/Today (4/9), DEED announced that it authorized the first payments of the temporary additional compensation of $600/week for people receiving unemployment benefits. You don’t need to contact DEED anything additional; if you receive unemployment you will also automatically receive an additional $600 for every week you remain eligible.  The first week for which you can get the additional $600 is the week beginning March 29th.  You can request the week of March 29th on or after April 5th.

Brett Larson: Corporate Attorney & Minneapolis Division Chair | Messerli | Kramer
Contact Information: 

612-672-3649 | blarson@messerlikramer.com

Presentation: PPP, EIDL, & CARES Tax Relief

Time in video: 2:12-3:03 

Resources:  PDF of Power Point presentation – Detailed information about all programs. 

Jim Wherley: CMR Office Manager | Sunset Bay Resort Owner
Contact Information: 

320-212-5107 | cmroffice1@gmail.com

Presentation: Resort Changes & Preparedness
Time in video: 3:04-3:53 

PDF of Power Point presentation – Detailed scenarios ideas around cancellations, cleaning procedures, executive order details, signage, recreation, etc.  With active links to various additional resources for various topics.
Additional info about PPP being self-employed — https://bench.co/blog/operations/paycheck-protection-program-self-employed/
Resorter Cracker Barrel | Q&A
Time in video: 3:53 – end
Additional questions and answers not discussed live will be discussed and answered as we receive additional resources & answers.

We will continue to provide updates to the resorting community via our Community of Minnesota Resorts Chatline and Facebook Groups, as well as frequent communication distribution as situations warrant. 

If you are a Minnesota resort and desire to be a part of these communications please email CMR@Minnesota-Resorts.com to request to be added to our various communication venues.  At this time we are offering these with no membership commitment as we feel the information is vital to each resort within Minnesota.  After all, we are the CMR, and we are “Resorters Helping Resorters”.