Scholarship Application

2019 Scholarship Award Recipients


Each year the Community of Minnesota Resorts offers scholarships to a student in high school or a current undergraduate or technical school student.  The scholarship funds are made available to children and grandchildren of CMR members.  An eligible member is one who has been a member for at least three consecutive years and is currently a member in good standing.  Associate Members are not eligible for scholarships.
The Scholarship Committee-consisting of a number of your fellow resorters, and guided by your CMR Office Manager, reviewed the applications and chose this year’s recipients.  Your CMR is pleased to announce the following have each won a scholarship:

Gunnar Niemeyer

Pine Insurance Company Scholarship Recipient

Currently attending St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud majoring in Business.

Son of Corby & Sheila Niemeyer, Niemeyer’s Rugged River Resort, Brainerd

Community of Minnesota Resorts Scholarship winnerMinnesota hospitality has been a booming, successful and surprising industry for decades, and I am extremely proud to have grown up in and amongst this community.  To be a resorter means always smiling, problem-solving, and maintaining a cool head in a less-than-ideal situation all while doing everything necessary to make sure the customer is having the most memorable and comfortable stay.  The traits necessary to successfully navigate the hospitality industry are the same traits that are necessary to be successful in college, business, and in a social life.  When I was growing up at our small, family run resort in Brainerd, Minnesota, I was oblivious to the way it was going to shape the way I handle my life.  The skills of customer service, leadership, and problem-solving come naturally to me now, but as I reflect on my childhood environment, there is nothing natural about these skills.  They take years of practice, which is something I was able to do on a daily basis.  These skills have made me more successful than I would have thought possible at my age, helped me in my personal relationships, and opened numerous opportunities to me.  The traits that I have developed will help me continue to further my education, further my career, and ultimately allow me to shape a meaningful and joy-filled life beyond my college education.

Kenzie Christiansen

Community of Minnesota Resorts Scholarship Recipient

Kenzie will be attending The College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth majoring in Biochemistry.

Daughter of Jason and Timberly Christiansen, Finn N Feather Resort, Bemidji

Community of Minnesota Resorts Scholarship winnerLiving on a resort has taught me many skills that I can use wherever I go in life.  For starters it has taught me customer service skills.   From working the front desk to scooping ice cream, dealing with customers always arises.  I learned that the customer is always right and to represent the resort when people check in.  Watching how my parents deal with distraught customers from time to time has helped me understand even more on how to run the resort efficiently and to keep the customers coming back year after year.  Besides the service part of the resort, I have learned how to work under pressure when we have a bunch of cabins to clean in a short period of time.  This has helped shape my character by learning to persevere through hard work and to have patience.  Over all living at a resort has taught me to put in hard work for what I want in life and it has helped me to achieve the goals I set for myself.  It has given me the opportunity to prepare myself for any job I decide to go after in the future.

Rebecca Triska

Carol Kirchner Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Rebecca will be attending Viterbo University in LaCrosse, WI studying Social Work.

Daughter of Mike and Jackie Triska, Voyageur Cove Resort, Cook.

Community of Minnesota Resorts Scholarship winnerIt’s hard to imagine the person I would be without my experiences from growing up on a resort.  It was just my parents, my siblings until they moved out, and me running the resort.  The limited amount of people helping out meant that hard work and determination was essential since there was always something to be done.  I was responsible for anything from cleaning cabins to running the store to assisting my dad in general repairs.  There was no end time and there was no start time, if there was a job that needed to be done then we did it.

When working on a resort, I also came to realize that many things can go wrong.  Whether it is with a customer or in the cabins themselves, learning to work around problems is important to living on a resort.  Through my experiences living on a resort, I have learned about the hard work and determination it takes to run a business and this knowledge will be with me for the rest of my life.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the CMR for their sponsorship of scholarships via membership dues, and the Pine Insurance Company and the Carol Kirchner family for making additional scholarship awards possible through their generous sponsorship donations.