Scholarship Application

2020 Scholarship Award Recipients


Each year the Community of Minnesota Resorts offers scholarships to a student in high school or a current undergraduate or technical school student.  The scholarship funds are made available to children and grandchildren of CMR members.  An eligible member is one who has been a member for at least three consecutive years and is currently a member in good standing.  Associate Members are not eligible for scholarships.
The Scholarship Committee-consisting of a number of your fellow resorters, and guided by your CMR Office Manager, reviewed the applications and chose this year’s recipients.  Your CMR is pleased to announce the following have each won a scholarship for the upcoming 2020 academic school year.  Included is their picture, educational/resort information and the answer to the essay quesiton: “How has living and/or working at your family’s resort shaped your present character and your future plans?

Jordan Porth

Pine Insurance Company Scholarship Recipient

Currently attending Grand Rapids High School-anticipates attending the University of North Dakota majoring in Biology-with a Professional Health Services emphasis

Son of John & Sherrie Porth, Loon Point Resort, Bigfork

It was the winter of 2014 when my parents informed me that we were moving to northern Minnesota to live on and run a resort.  I was 12 years old at the time, in the 6th grade and had lots of friends, so the idea of moving was absolutely dreadful.  Today, looking back, the move was not only the best thing for me but also my whole family.

Living on a resort as a kid has been a very interesting experience.  The work seems to be never ending but I’ve witnessed that hard work does pay off because I overhear guests commenting on how they appreciate the cleanliness of their cabin and how manicured the property is.  I’ve also heard my parents comment on how much their hard work has paid off by the increased bookings every year.  This “hard work” mentality has helped me shape my character by allowing me to realize that hard work does pay off, in one form or fashion.  I have great plans for my future which will require much education and dedication, so knowing that hard work always pays off will keep me motivated and pushing to always strive forward.

Cael Sams

Community of Minnesota Resorts Scholarship Recipient

Currently attending Staples-Motley High School-anticipates attending the University of Sioux Falls majoring in History Education

Son of Brian & Heather Sams, Campfire Bay Resort, Cushing

I’ve lived at Campfire Bay Resort my whole life.  I’ve always been taught to work hard and push through things even if it’s difficult or unpleasant, because the outcome will always be greater than the struggle.  I’ve learned a lot of important life skills from my dad, whether it’s construction, plumbing and heating, or even helping with electric as we rebuilt or renovated cabins.  I’ve also learned how to run the front desk, make lattes, cappuccinos, and waffle cones, and help guests out from my mom in our lodge.  I think the resort has helped me develop good social skills, as well as good values, because my parents strive to treat everyone like family.  I’ve learned to be a good listener and be patient because I’ve seen how important it is to treat everyone with respect and kindness.  Both of my parents were teachers before buying the resort and teach organized activities at the resort every week so I want to be a teacher as well.  Since I’ll have my summers off I plan to help out at the resort.  Then, maybe one day, I’ll continue to follow in their footsteps and take it over when they retire. 

Rachel Pitt

Carol Kirchner Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Currently attending Walker-Hackensack-Akeley High School-anticipating attending University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, majoring in Business.  

Daughter of Dana & Cindy Pitt, Bailey’s Resort, Walker

I was born in May on “The Opener” and have spent my entire life at Bailey’s Resort.  This experience has taught me many things such as, learning what it takes to run a business, specifically a resort.  The skills required to be a resort owner are extremely varied, and the jobs are endless.  I have been cleaning cabins every Saturday for as long as I can remember and helping throughout the week when my parents needed an extra hand.  This has taught me to work hard and efficiently.  Throughout the season a variety of guests stay at Bailey’s, teaching me communication skills, how to be patient and how to be a quick problem solver.

The resort is a special place where I have made many memories and lifelong friendships.  I have loved being a “resort kid” and it has inspired me to want the same for my future children.  After graduation in May, I will start my college experience at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in September 2020, studying business.  Bailey’s has been in the Pitt family for 29 years and I would love to keep it in my family.  For that reason, and also the amazing experience I have had throughout my life so far with the resort, I definitely see myself being a future owner of Bailey’s Resort.

Patrick Schimerowski

Minnesota Resort Sales Scholarship

Currently attending South Dakota State University studying Construction Management

Son of Bob Schimerowski, Diamond Lake Resort, Atwater

My experience at my family’s resort has been very important to me and has turned me into the person I am today.  Through thick and thin, we pushed to keep that place open and enjoyable to the resort guests.  Whether it was dealing with frozen pipes, fallen trees, septic tanks cracking, docks or lifts being torn apart, and of course chasing down the water trampoline after every summer storm.  You name it we dealt with it.  These situations and of course dealing with the guests is what I believe got me interested in construction management and influenced my character in ways that have only positively affected my life. 

For the first time-ALL FOUR APPLICANTS WILL RECEIVE $750! 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the CMR for their sponsorship of scholarships via membership dues, and the Pine Insurance Company,the Carol Kirchner family, and Minnesota Resort Sales for making additional scholarship awards possible through their generous sponsorship donations.