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5 Reasons to Stay at a Minnesota Lake Resort in May

Minnesota lake country is full of owner operated resorts, all providing a family vacation experience like no other vacation does. There seems to be a universal thought that the only time to go to a lake resort is in June, July or August. Well, I’m here to tell you that the month of May is […]

A Beginners Guide to Fishing Lures

Avid fishermen have this innate ability that tells them which lures to use for different types of fish. Let me tell you, this isn’t a skill your run-of-the-mill recreational fisherman has. I’m not a great fisherman, but I’ve always been of the mind that the pink sparkly slightly slimy wormy-type lures are the only ones […]

All Inclusive Minnesota Vacation

You packed the car. You drove 2, 4, 7, maybe 10 hours with the kids and you thought that was the adventure.  Now what?! Now you do it all from fishing to swimming to hiking to absolutely nothing, that’s what.  Here are the top things you can do on your Minnesota Vacation and the best […]

Why a Minnesota Vacation?

There are endless reasons why you should take a vacation.  First off, you deserve it! Second, even your doctor might tell you, “you NEED a vacation.”  Nope that’s not just a desire or want, you NEED it. states that by depriving yourself of a vacation you could experience burnout, reduced productivity, diminished creativity, failed relationships, stress, […]

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