I’m currently reading a book titled “The Early Resorts of Minnesota.” An interesting thing is that Minnesota resorts were a popular summer destination in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The book states that there was fear of three of the most dreaded diseases of the nineteenth century – tuberculosis, yellow fever and malaria, often in epidemic proportions. This fear was a factor in American’s travel plans. All these diseases were common in the southern states during the summers. Travelers headed north to breathe some fresh air and hopefully avoid getting one of these diseases.

Amidst this COVID-19 craziness, I can’t help but think that Minnesota resorts are once again going to be considered a very healthy, low risk (and affordable) vacation option. Here are some of the benefits of vacationing at a Minnesota resort related to current COVID-19 concerns. Of course we all need to do what’s right for ourselves and our families. But looking at what is recommended as of now, makes me realize that, most Minnesota Resorts have always met the current COVID-19 guidelines.


1) Easily reached – If you live in the midwest, you can easily reach a Minnesota resort in a half to full day’s drive. There is no need to get into an enclosed space like an airplane, train or bus with strangers.

2) Animals do not carry the disease – that means fishing, birding, wildlife viewing and feeding the squirrels and chipmunks are all on the “allowed” list of activities!

3) Social distancing made easy – A typical Minnesota resort sits on hundreds of feet of lakeshore and several acres of land. Depending upon the size of the resort, it may have enough cabins to accommodate 50-200 people at any one time. That simply means there is plenty of room to spread out.

4) Super clean – Resort owners work for themselves, not for somebody else. This means that they truly care about you and your family! Your reservation and your experience at their resort is very important to them. They understand the importance of providing super clean cabins and will strive to provide you with the cleanest cabin and environment possible.

5) Focus on the outdoors and activity – Fresh air, sitting outside, spending time in a boat, hiking in state parks, swimming at the beach, exploring new bike trails, etc, etc. Need I say more?

6) Affordable – The stock market isn’t doing anyone any favors right now, but getting away and changing your scenery is always needed. In the big world of vacations and tourism, Minnesota resort vacations are very affordable.

Resorts are open for business and are already gearing up for summer! Find the Minnesota resort that looks good to you and make a reservation today.

Until next time ~~ Jennifer Bateman
Jennifer owned and operated a resort for over 20 years
and encourages everyone to give this type of vacation a try!

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