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Scholarship Applications and 2021 Recipients


Each year the CMR offers scholarships to qualified high school students or current undergraduate or technical school students. The scholarship funds are made available to children and grandchildren of CMR members. Recently, the CMR board has made available additional scholarships from the funds of non-awarded scholarships, to include employees of eligible members during a second selection process. Eligible members meaning; those who have been CMR members for at least three consecutive years and are currently members in good standing. Associate Members are not eligible for scholarships.

The Scholarship Committee - consisting of several of your fellow resorters, and guided by your CMR Office Manager, review the applications.  Contact us with more questions any time!

Congratulations to our 2021 CMR Scholarship Recipients!

Carol Kirchner Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Aleah Tabbert


Aleah is currently attending Walker-Hackensack-Akeley High School and anticipates attending the University of Minnesota Duluth to enter the medical field.

Daughter of Tim and Dina Tabbert
Moonlight Bay Resort and Campground, Walker

How has living and/or working at your family’s resort shaped your present character and your future plans? Growing up on a resort has influenced my personality in many ways. When my family bought the resort, we lived in a house in the middle of the resort, with eyes always on us being the ones in charge. This made me into a social and outgoing person. I was always smiling and talking to the guests and helping them when I could. It also made me independent from a young age. I always have had a wide range o chores growing up, which have taught me many life lessons. Some examples include knowing how to cook and do dishes, clean cabins & houses, laundry, sewing, & art, car & boat maintenance, etc. Resort life has taught me important communication skills, customer service, and has shaped who I am today. I am thankful for the way I grew up, in my own little community surrounded by friends and family. I have always felt loved and supported by everyone around me, which has given me the confidence I have today to pursue my dreams of a career in the medical field! The resort life has positively influenced my life in so many ways, and i am forever grateful for all of them.

Community of Minnesota Resorts Scholarship Recipient

Rebecca Triska


Rebecca is currently attending Viterbo University in LaCrosse, Wisconsin studying Social Work.

Daughter of Mike and Jackie Triska
Voyageur Cove Resort, Cook

How has living and/or working at your family’s resort shaped your present character and your future plans? My experience working at my family’s resort will be meaningful beyond college because it has given me essential problem-solving skills. The unique challenges that come with growing up at a resort have prepared me to think on my feet and work through unforeseen difficulties. Though, I myself, am not going to pursue a future in hospitality, the skills needed to work on a resort, as a social worker, clients will come into me in times of need and great difficulty, so it will be my responsibility to help them through these difficult times. Even outside of my profession, the countless situations where problem solving will be needed to survive and be successful, growing up on a resort have given me those skills.

This year we received two eligible applicants and each will receive $750 from the Carol Kirchner and CMR Scholarships. Pine Insurance and Minnesota Resort Sales agreed to allow the CMR to utilize their donated funds however the Board deems fit.

Congratulations to Three Additional CMR Scholarship Award Recipients! For 2021 there were 4 scholarships to award at $750 each to the children or grandchildren of eligible member resorts, and only two qualified applicants were chosen. The Board, at its discretion, and with the agreement of the sponsors of the scholarships, CMR made available the funds from the other 2 scholarships to three employees of eligible member resorts and awarded them $500 each.

Pine Insurance Agency and Minnesota Resort Sales each sponsored $750 in scholarship funds, and the below employees as nominated by their resort have each been awarded $500 of those sponsor funds to further their academic endeavors.

Brenna Behrens

Breanna Behrens

Brenna is currently attending the College of Saint Benedict studying Nursing.

Employee of Kayla & James Daigle
Two Inlets Resort, Park Rapids

How has working at Two Inlets Resort shaped your present character and your future plans? Working at Two Inlets Resort has taught me many things and has helped me to determine my future plans.  It has helped me discover what my strengths and weaknesses are.  I’m good at organization, working efficiently, and buckling down to get tasks completed.  These are skills that have been necessary at the resort to get all the cabins cleaned in time, but they have also helped me in other aspects of my life.  Being organized means I have never had a missing assignment.  Knowing how to work quickly has helped me balance school, work, and my activities.  Having the drive to complete tasks helps me to break the dangerous cycle of procrastination. With the strengths, I have also learned some weaknesses, like I’m terrible at going with the flow or diverting from the original plan, and I don’t do well with people who aren’t putting in the same amount of effort that I am.  Discovering these traits helped me determine that I want to major in Nursing, eventually becoming a Physician Assistant specializing in Dermatology.  I believe I have learned as a cabin cleaner have shaped who I am and will help me achieve the future I want.

Morgan Mudgett

Morgan Mudgett portrait

Morgan is currently attending Minnesota State University, Mankato studying Marketing

Employee of Lynn & Bob Scharenbroich
Black Pine Beach Resort, Pequot Lakes

How has working at Black Pine Beach Resort shaped your present character and your future plans? When I started my first job working at Black Pine Beach Resort as a weekend cleaner, I was a little middle school girl who had no idea what she wanted to do with her life after high school. As I grew, my job at the resort grew with me. I slowly started to work more hours and take on more responsibilities. I learned how complex running a business is and how many details go into making a business successful. By my senior year of high School, it was clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career in the business world after high school. I give the resort credit for helping me to discover my passion for business and more specifically, marketing. All of the summer projects I was given at the resort helped me to find the part of business that I enjoyed and was good at! I am now going into my junior year of college working towards my Bachelors of Science in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The things I learned at the resort have already helped me in my business courses and I will continue to take those lessons with me as I prepare to graduate college and start my marketing career!

Chandler Niemeyer

Chandler Niemeyer resized

Chandler is currently attending North Dakota State University studying Interior Design.

Daughter of Sheila & Corby Niemeyer
Niemeyer's Rugged River Resort, Brainerd

How has living and/or working at your family’s resort shaped your present character and your future plans? I have lived at the resort my entire life. It is hard to say what my life would be like without the resort. It is the only life I know. I have learned to talk to all kinds of people and handle many issues that come up including rescuing people on the river when their boat motor quits working and killing bees. I have learned to be responsible for following through with promises made, and for getting cabins cleaned on time. I have also learned patience and to go with the flow, when our family dinners and gatherings are delayed or interrupted by guests. Working in the office has helped me talk to people in person and on the phone. I enjoy helping plan resort activities and fixing up and decorating the cabins. The whole experience has overall helped me to have the confidence I need to make calls, meet people, and find my own jobs outside the resort. Overall, I think living and working at our resort has shaped my life in ways I have not even realized yet. The best thing about being born and raised on the resort must be just meeting new people and being able to connect with them.

NEW FOR 2022

Scholarship Nominations


In the event that solicitations of scholarship applicants from the children or grandchildren of eligible member resorts does not fill out the entire number of scholarships available at the time, the CMR may, at its discretion, solicit applications from eligible member resorts recommending/nominating resort employees for available scholarship funds. For example, there are 4 scholarships to award at $750 each to the children or grandchildren of eligible member resorts, and only 2 qualified applicants were chosen. The Board, at its discretion, and with the agreement of the sponsors of the scholarships, can make available the funds from the other 2 scholarships to employees of eligible member resorts. Look for information on how your resort can nominate an employee to receive scholarship funding to be announced soon.

Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the CMR for their sponsorship of scholarships via membership dues, and the Pine Insurance Company, the Carol Kirchner family, and Minnesota Resort Sales for making additional scholarship awards possible through their generous sponsorship donations.