CMR Marketing Benefits


Resort Directory – CMR Website

Personalized Listing of your resort on this Resort Directory (Update your own listing.  Add photos or, change text at will.  Searchable by state map, name or amenity preference – including campsite resorts.  Link directly to your own website – reciprocal links heighten your search rankings.)
For an overview of the CMR website- resort and campground directory and how guests can search for your resort, why your CMR website listing is a valuable membership benefit, and how to login and change your password click:
—–Video Guide on the CMR You Tube site
—– Printable Login Guide
For an overview of how to edit and optimize your resort listing on the CMR website, how to insert photos, links, amenities, and rates click:
—–Video Guide on the CMR You Tube site
—– Printable Guide on how to Edit a Resort Listing on the CMR site
—– Last Minute Openings (this is budget-friendly – try it out!) How to Add Last Minute Openings

“Thank you to all who were on board for the website’s Last Minute Openings (LMO) web enhancement.  I have been able to fill the openings I had for the last 4 weeks.  We were concerned a month and a half ago.  Yesterday I spoke to two people about cabins.  At that time I had just filled the vacancy for the week they were looking.  I had to tell them I was full, and when I tried to explain about CMR’s LMO, they told me they were already on CMR’s LMO map page. That is how they had called us!”     – Jim Eickhorst, Kohl’s Resort

Group Marketing

One of the advantages of membership to a group like the CMR, is that we can “pool” our resources to create much bigger marketing promotions.   Most smaller family vacation resorts couldn’t afford these more expensive strategies on their own – but together, we can!

The main goal of these group marketing efforts is to drive traffic to this website’s resort directory and then directly to any of our member websites. 

In 2019, we ran Google Adwords and targeted E-mail Campaigns.  We also started a Blog, published twice monthly, with a variety of member writers.  These blogs are intended to increase search engine optimization. We also encourage our members to link to these blogs from their own social media avenues to increase their own website’s SEO.

In the past few years, we’ve tried:

Pay Per Click web marketing to steer traffic to CMR website.  (50% ad buys are out-of-state.)  

Banner Ad on Explore Minnesota Tourism website

For example, a big buy marketing effort involved THREE $2,000 co-op banner ads on the state’s tourism website.

Flash Ads

CMR collaborated with EMT the last several years to create Flash Ads on major newspaper websites in Omaha, De Moines, Chicago and Minneapolis. All are trackable by separate domains.  Ad view impressions averaged 178,000 monthly.

TV Commercials

In recent years, the CMR initiated a partnership with EMT (Explore Minnesota Tourism) and MRCA (Minnesota Resort & Campground Association) to create a 30 second television spot which aired in Minneapolis and Chicago areas.




Printable Marketing Benefits Flyer