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Mark Your Calendars!!!!

The 2020 CMR Day On The Hill will be February 25th and 26th at the Minnesota State Capitol.  Never been to the Day On The Hill?  Check out video above to see what it’s all about!

All Aboard!
Below are more details with respect to Day on the Hill. This year our theme centers around our leave behind gift of a boat so you will find boating and nautical references throughout this email.

Don’t have your sea legs, or have never attended Day on the Hill? This video explains what we do at Day on the Hill better than I could ever explain it in an email.

Don’t miss the Boat!
Date of Voyage: February 25th & 26th
Land Ho: Minnesota State Capitol
Reason to Set Sail: To discuss issues important to CMR member resorts with legislators so that resorts remain a viable part of the Minnesota tourism industry.
All Hands on Deck: Everyone who owns a Minnesota Resort should attend.  So won’t you pack your bags and hop aboard for this important excursion?

To register:

Email Kristin Wherley at info@sunsbay.com, or call 218-758-2080. Provide the names of those attending and whether you want a king sized or 2 queen bed room. We will make the hotel reservations for you as they will be on a master bill. You just need to bring a check made out to the CMR for the hotel cost when you board the bus.

Your Captain (the CMR) provides the following:

Bus ride to and from the capitol, wages/tip and hotel room for driver, all snacks and treats on the bus and at the capitol, leave behind gift, all printed materials for legislators and lunch at the capitol on the 26th. These items are paid for with Silent Auction proceeds from Fall Conference. Joel Carlson, our lobbyist, sets up the meetings and all printed materials.

Once at the capitol we assign groups of 3 to 4 to visit with each legislator. You can participate in the discussions with legislators as much or as little as you want. After a meeting or two you really get the hang of it, and I guarantee you become very comfortable adding your input.

Cost for passengers (CMR members) to attend:

Your berth-Hotel (Country Inn and Suites) $84-this is for a 1 King bed room, or a room with 2 Queen beds if you desire to share with another attendee. Includes breakfast on 26th which usually is a hot item accompanied by other cereals, rolls and juices.
Lunch on the bus ride down to the capitol on the 25th. We will stop in Maple Grove at the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes that has many restaurants.
Dinner on the 25th-We are going to Surly Brewing Co for dinner and refreshments. Here is their menu, and separate pizza menu.
Dinner on the bus ride home. We typically stop at a fast food restaurant for a quick bite.

The primary issues we will be discussing include:

1.  Amending the 1c Ma and Pa resort property tax classification HF 2096

2.  Creating a level playing field with respect to short term vacation rentals

3.  Post Labor Day school start

4.  Restore the New Event Grant Funding through Explore MN Tourism back up to $1,000,000 SF 3111

We realize this list is not all encompassing, but due to having approximately 15 minutes to meet with each legislator, we need to focus on those that are most critical at this time.

Once we accumulate our passenger list we will send out the bus stops and schedule on or about February 20th.

However, it is not all work.  The ride on the bus to and from the Capitol, and time spent at dinner building relationships and interaction with fellow resorters is invaluable.  It is always a time for sharing and questions and answers.  So won’t you please join us!

Last year we got a fantastic opportunity to discuss some of the issues facing resorts with Governor Walz.  We appreciate the time the governor took to visit with us, share some of his vision, and hear those items important to us as resorters.  We want to take this opportunity to thank those who participated in Day On The Hill last year, and encourage all resorts from across the state to join us on February 25th and 26 2020! 


Legislative Benefits of CMR

In the last decade, the CMR has made lasting impressions on legislators.   (They’ve been known to hang onto our hats, sunglasses, bobbers, and other gimmicks we’ve given them over the years as token reminders of how vital resorts are in Minnesota’s tourism industry).   We are remembered!

Our lobbyist, Joel Carlson, has very astutely represented us since 1997, and we feel very appreciative of his wisdom and mentorship through lawmaking waters.

MN Governor Tim Pawlenty meeting with CMR members to discuss resort issues“I was amazed by the quick response of Joel and the CMR in getting the House and Senate to rethink their position on the law regarding Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) regulations in early 2015. (Sticker requirement on all trailers via on-line DNR class and fee.)    “Education, not enforcement!”  

 While none of us want to see the spread of AIS, we need to approach the problem in a way that won’t result in a negative impact on tourism.  We are confident this law will be getting “tweaked” or repealed altogether this session after numerous meetings with legislators during our CMR Day on the Hill, Feb 4-5, 2015.  Without a group like the CMR and a lobbyist like Joel Carlson, it would be difficult to stand together as a group and have our voices heard loud and clear.”   

                                                                                    – Bob Schimerowski, Minnesota’s Sunset Shores Resort

2017 – Lobbied successfully to eliminate a duplicate minnow licensing regulation specifically for resort owners.  CMR collaborated directly w/ DNR.

2017 – Lobbied successfully to support more funding for Explore Minnesota Tourism – directly resulting in advertising collaborations. CMR members have benefitted from this effort by co-op advertising via TV commercials and web banner ads.

2014 – CMR was invited by Minnesota Department of Health to collaborate on regulation language going into effect 2016 regarding a nationwide mandate for seasonal well water systems testing to be done monthly.

2008 – Successfully lobbied for further reductions in resort property taxes – a program initiated by the CMR in 2003.

2007 – CMR lobbied successfully for a standardized law on Statewide Shoreland Regulations for resorts. We are now able to replace existing cabins within lake setback zones. Prior to enacting this law, resorts were unable to upgrade cabins – or make any improvements to cabins located within the setback zone without securing a variance.  Several CMR members dedicated their personal time/energy over months to advise in DNR meetings on this law.

2005 – CMR lobbied and successfully help pass a bill allowing homestead exemption for LLC resorts.

2005 – CMR successfully lobbied the legislature and the Governor to pass and sign into law a Post–Labor Day school start. Several CMR members testified in a hearing at the capitol – and we battle every session to retain this law!

     CMR members meeting with their area representative (Matt Grossell Park Rapids area)“I became a member of the CMR for the educational aspects, really.  Legislative issues were NOT on my radar.  However, I began to take notice when we started getting a homestead tax credit on our property taxes.  (Prior to 2005, any resort designated as an L.L.C. was not eligible.) The CMR had chosen this as one of their key issues and got the bill passed.   Yeah!    

      (I spoke to my assessor.  She said it varies every year with so many levels of calculations, but bottom line for this particular year {2015}:  our resort is saving about $7,000 directly due to this credit.  Holy cow!  Enough to pay for several years of membership to CMR, right?) 

      I sincerely appreciate all the efforts the CMR has made on my resort’s behalf, and highly recommend ANY resort to join our organization, if only to support legislative efforts.” 

                                              — Kim Bowen, Crow Wing Crest Lodge

As a CMR member, how can you support the legislative effort?

Just BE a member.  Your annual dues help fund our lobbyist’s salary.

Attend Fall Conference and participate in the Silent Auction (either by donating and/or bidding on items).  All funds go towards ‘Day on the Hill’ events.

Attend ‘Day on the Hill’ typically held in February or March.  25 – 50 of us attend this two-day event, which offers free bus transportation (voted ‘the most fun part of the trip!” by members) to the state capitol where we talk with legislators directly.

Contact resort colleagues who are on the current CMR Legislative Committee and suggest topics, ideas or comments on issues directly affecting your resort.

Community of Minnesota Resorts members touring capitol in St. Paul“Our business is a seasonal one (14 weeks). Because of this – every, single week of our season is important to make sure we can keep our business healthy and thriving!

 Families who know they don’t have to get back to school and routines until after Labor Day love to end their summer with some family time at the lake. Also, we lose many families each summer to the pull of school/activity schedules cutting into the summer months.

 Post Labor Day school start dates are imperative in helping us fill the last weeks of August (almost 1/7th of our entire season). “

            — Jamie Keller, Brookside Resort