Free Membership to Community of Minnesota Resorts thru Aug 31, 2021

We hope everyone is staying safe in these unprecedented times:  not only physically, but also mentally.  With everything going on right now, we need to stick together as much as possible.  Resorting is more than just waking up in the morning, putting on your shoes, and heading to the lodge. Resorting is love, passion, work, tears, blood, and sweat.  Resorting is not the kind of thing we do on our own.  We all need a helping hand.  Our goal is to band together during this event to ensure the viability of our industry and sustain that which our families have worked so hard.  We can get through this event stronger, together.

Through the years, member resorts of the Community of Minnesota Resorts have contributed annual fees, and their participation has allowed us to thrive and be able to address and respond to an uncertain situation such as this.  The CMR board has made the decision to utilize banked membership fees to offer each non-member resort a free membership to the Community of Minnesota Resorts through the end of our next fiscal year August 31, 2021.  

This is an ideal time to join us and find out what we’re all about! 

We hope this offers some peace of mind and community to every resort in the state as we move through these uncertain times together as one community, the Community of Minnesota Resorts.  These attachments were recently mailed to all resorts in the state of Minnesota:

Letter To Non-Member Resorts

2020 Membership Application-Non Member Free Offer

CMR Brochure

You can feel free to complete the membership application, and return it via US mail to the PO box shown on the application.  Once we receive your application we will process it and provide you additional membership information to activate your CMR membership.

Thank you for all you do as a resort to keep this industry strong, and keeping our guests safe.

-CMR Board

Mike and I have been in the resorting business for over 30 years together (Mike, since he was born.) We own and operate a 4th generation family fishing resort which has been in Mike’s family since 1906. We have battled permits and regulations, weather-related incidents, high taxes, employment issues, and many other ups and downs.

Never in 114 years have we had to shut our business down. We were very scared at the beginning of this pandemic.  Being a part of the Community of Minnesota Resorts has really been such a great help for us. We have been able to share our fears, questions, and ideas with others. We try to take advantage of all of the workshops, conferences, tours, and classes that are offered. We have made many great friends. Just knowing that we were surrounded by a whole community of other resorters in the same situation, was SUCH A GREAT COMFORT.

Because we ended up having a good season despite everything, we felt that we would be able to pay our membership dues even though membership was free this year. In return, we were given a gift certificate for that amount to use in another year if we should need it. We would encourage any of you who had profitable seasons to contribute to the CMR. Any amount is helpful as there are continual expenses (website fees, lobbyist salary, office manager, state-wide magazine distribution, etc.)  The CMR was able to offer free membership to all members this year in order to help out those that need it.  Thanks for your consideration and glad to be your resort colleague!

Mike and Linda Schultz
Ten Mile Lake Resort, Inc. 50 years