Fall in Love with Fall on a Minnesota Vacation

Well, it’s happening. School shopping is done, maybe that school bell has already rung and summer is on the down swing and poof, GONE! You might think that all of Minnesota is gathering for our winter hibernation or southern migration. But there is more than enough time to enjoy a long or short Minnesota Vacation at a Minnesota Resort this fall. You can even vacation each season if you dare. Here are some top reasons to get here before the trees are bare and the ground is white and the lakes are hard and to just take in the crisp, cool, tranquil fall.

1. Fall Colors- Minnesota is home to 52 native trees, consisting of coniferous and deciduous trees. And that equals a spectrum of brilliant fall colors. You could travel to the most northern part of the state to the southern to catch the fall hues.  CLICK HERE for a list of the Top 10 Drives in Minnesota.. You can also chase the rainbow with this Fall Color Tour from the MN Department of Natural Resources.   

2. Tranquility- Lake vibes are always laid back but there is nothing more laid back than the fall. As the summer wraps up in these small communities that are home to many Minnesota Resorts less visitors line the streets, restaurants, and shops and everything slows down like the leaves slowly falling and everything is much quieter. So if you are looking for some peace and quiet a Fall Minnesota Vacation is a must book. And there is nothing more tranquil than our state bird’s call which is heard throughout that fall. We are home to 12,000 Common Loons. In September, Minnesota’s adult loons travel to their winter home along the Atlantic coast from North Carolina south to Florida, or on the Gulf of Mexico. Younger loons follow a month or so later. Before they fly south they will gather on the lake to entertain us one last time with their calls.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our state bird.

3. Fishing- As the weather cools the fish become more active. Just like the wild life above the water, fish become more active in order to fatten up for winter and they also start to form schools. This means it’s a great time for fishing for you! So don’t miss out on the fall bite and CLICK HERE to check out this link for some fall fishing tips.

4. Fall Festivals Pumpkin Spice, apples and all the good things in fall are found near a Minnesota Resort. There is nothing better than getting some of that fall Vitamin D at one of the many fantastic fall festivals across the state. There are wine & beer festivals, apple festivals, pumpkin festivals, and harvest fests. They all feature something different from foods, to drinks, to crafts, air and car shows and beyond. Get out there! Find a directory of events at: Find a directory of events by using this Explore Minnesota link.

5. Value The Minnesota Resort vacation is already an affordable one, but top it off with some of their fall specials, it’s a no-brainer to join us in the fall. If you already stayed with one of our owner-operated resorts make sure to ask them about fall specials. Some may offer 50% off for returning guests! Check out their specials at: https://minnesota-resorts.com/resorts/

Come Fall in Love with Minnesota Fall. It is right around the corner as dabbles of color are starting to appear along the tops of our maples and steam is starting to emerge from the water as the cool down begins. But don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere; we will be here all 12 months. Don’t miss out on any of our seasons at a Minnesota Resort.

Submitted by: Megan Johnson
Photo Credits: Bonnie Beach Resort

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Fall in Love with Fall on a Minnesota Vacation
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